[Inflatable water park] Safety issues should be paid attention to

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-07-14

There are some safety issues in the inflatable inflatable water park that need to be paid attention to. First, strengthen the operation management. The operating unit establishes a corresponding safety management system, prepares an emergency plan and reports it to the tourism department for the record, and then takes corresponding safety protection measures. Safety precautions and warnings need to be set up. Signs to clarify the job responsibilities of the operator. There is to strengthen daily supervision, the district tourism department regularly conducts safety inspections, and establishes and improves the safety supervision database of amusement facilities in the whole district. For the amusement facilities that violate the safety management regulations and have hidden dangers of accidents found in the inspection, we can suspend the use, stop using or further technical appraisal according to the actual situation. If the circumstances are serious, order to suspend business for rectification. So this safety issue must be paid attention to.

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