【Inflatable obstacle】Exercise your comprehensive ability

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-07-18

Common inflatable obstacles are mazes, water inflatable obstacles, and labyrinth-like castle obstacles. The material is made of advanced special smooth fabric PVC, which is cold-resistant, light-resistant, high tensile and tearing strength, flame retardant, and its cold resistance can reach minus 40C. The inflatable sports products adopt advanced double needle thread technology and viscose technology, and the products do not drop or degumming. Substances or accidents that cause harm to the human body are not easy to occur during the amusement. It is mainly to provide children or adults with obstacles of different difficulty levels, and the one who finishes first wins. The amusement process is not only full of excitement, but also improves the various abilities of the human body, such as physical strength, analysis, perseverance and other comprehensive abilities.

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