Inflatable negative pressure isolation tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-24
As the virus continues to mutate,

perhaps in the future we humans will coexist with it, and

infection control in hospitals and other medical facilities

becomes increasingly important.

The inflatable negative pressure isolation tent can provide high-throughput, faster and more mobile

emergency detection overall solutions for hospitals and health departments in all parts of the country and

around the world


So what is the working principle of the inflatable negative pressure isolation tent?

The inflatable negative pressure isolation tent uses the principle of negative pressure to isolate these viruses transmitted through the air. The filter exhausts the tent to ensure that the virus in the exhausted air has been filtered out. At the same time, the amount of air intake from the outside of the tent into the tent is less than the amount of exhaust air, so that a negative pressure is formed in the cabin. In this way, the virus in the tent will not spread to the outside, thus achieving isolation.

In terms of air circulation, only the fresh air outside can flow into the isolation room, and the air polluted by the patient in the isolation room will not leak out, but will be discharged to the fixed room through special channels in time. place. In this way, the place outside the isolation room will not be contaminated, thereby reducing the chance of medical staff being infected in large numbers.

Our inflatable negative pressure isolation tent adopts a modular design, which can be disassembled and put into a container. The transportation cost is low, easy to transport, and can be erected in a short time in a designated area, and has a strong ability to adapt to the site. , for use by medical units. The internal supporting facilities are complete, including exhaust filter devices, air conditioners, disinfection systems, lighting, distribution boxes, cameras, etc. The air filter connects the air intake end with the isolation tent, so that a relatively low pressure is formed in the isolation tent, and the air in the isolation tent is filtered out.

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