[Inflatable disaster relief tent] The best choice for emergency convenience and fast!

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-07-18

The inflatable disaster relief tent adopts an integrated design. Simply inflate the inflatable frame with a compressed air bottle or an inflator, and the entire decontamination room will be quickly erected. After connecting the water supply pipe of the shower room, the whole system can be put into use. . The inflatable frame bladder is equipped with an overpressure protection valve to ensure that overinflation is not damaged. The decontamination shower room is completely closed to the outside, which can more effectively prevent the polluted water from spreading to the surrounding environment in a strong wind environment. The washroom can be easily stored and transported in a carry bag, making it ideal for emergency rescue teams, fire departments, hospitals, military, and industrial security. The system is simple and convenient to set up, and is specially designed for rapid response to emergencies.

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