How to control the operating cost of mobile children's water park?

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-09

for the location of indoor children's water park, many investors will choose a certain number of traffic locations in large commercial or busy commercial areas. Today, children's consumption also accounts for the main part of household expenditure in the market. Under the demand, the children's entertainment facilities industry is gradually developing.

In this favorable environment, more and more investors have joined the entertainment industry. However, in fact, there are still many children's water parks that fail to operate in a bad way. Therefore, what should an indoor children's inflatable water park be? Control operating costs, avoid losses and increase profits of the park?

I. Previous investment evaluation

investment needs to be optimistic about the indoor children's inflatable water park market. To win, it depends on whether the children's playground operated by the market is attractive enough to meet the 80,90 product functions and store management. Young parents have a higher pursuit of consumer quality. For example, whether entertainment products are rich enough and safe enough, whether the product mix is scientific, whether educational significance can be expanded, whether store employees are friendly, whether the store environment is clean, etc.

investing in indoor children's water park is a huge capital expenditure project. In order to recover costs and profits in a short period of time, from pre-investment market research to post-operation management, it takes a lot of energy to carry out long-term planning. For any project, pre-investment evaluation and budget are crucial, which is the key to the success of the project.

Second, the venue rent is rented at a preferential price

The venue rent accounts for a large part of the investment cost of the indoor children's water park. However, since parks can drive household consumption and stimulate passenger flow, large commercial supermarkets still have some bargains. Space, especially for brands with a certain reputation. If the operator does not have a favorite venue, they can also entrust the brand to provide it. Many shopping malls and supermarkets have directly established cooperative relations with big brands. Priority brands have been settled. For example, priority should be given to domestic large shopping centers and supermarkets such as Wanda and RT Mart. If an investor already owns a strange venue, he can also entrust professionals to assist in the negotiation of venue rent and lease it to the venue at a more favorable price.

third, reasonable use of space

reasonable space layout can improve the utilization rate of the website and save costs, at the same time, it also gives customers a beautiful and comfortable feeling. Whether indoor or outdoor, the layout of children's water park equipment is a good learning method. Don't simply understand that the more equipment, the better the park looks, the better the aisles and customers. The rest area is very necessary. How to make the most effective use of every inch of space and how to match the functions of different equipment to the greatest extent can consult the professional water park equipment manufacturer.

4. Extend the life cycle of the equipment

There are many kinds of water park equipment for indoor children, including water amusement facilities, children's slides, support pools, water equipment, etc. , each child's water amusement equipment has its own life cycle, but it can save costs by extending the life cycle of the equipment and reducing the frequency of equipment replacement without affecting the operation. On the one hand, choose high-quality equipment that has been used for a long time; on the other hand, plan various activities to increase the attraction of the equipment to children, such as organizing competitions with Zhiyong Grand View project, keep your child warm and fresh about the original equipment. We can carefully control costs without affecting normal operations, but blindly saving costs is not enough to bring us maximum profits. It is also very important to expand revenue through joint activities, promotions and activities.

Therefore, it is very important for indoor children's water park to make profits, control operating costs and achieve the best results at a reasonable cost to avoid losses, increase the income of the water park as much as possible.

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