How much is a 120-square-meter bouncy castle?

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-05-23

Recently, many friends have asked me if the 120-square-meter bouncy castle inflatable water slide is in stock. How long will it take to make it now? Let me tell you how much the 120-square-meter bouncy castle costs? What are the styles?

There are many forms of children's playgrounds, one of which is a relatively simple and easy-to-carry small playground called a bouncy castle. There are many squares in the city that will temporarily set up such bouncy castles for children to play. This kind of bouncy castle is convenient for transportation. Now many people will take the bouncy castle around in their spare time to get some extra income, < /p>

Children's bouncy castles mainly take animation shapes, incorporate richer cartoon elements, and children's favorite cartoon animation images. These inflatable shapes are lifelike and colorful. Standing there, they can attract every child. Children can roll, jump, climb, inflatable water slide, practice, etc. Each game can release children's energy.

Therefore, it is a very wise choice to operate a children's bouncy castle. How much does it cost to invest in a 120-square-meter bouncy castle in the square? Then it needs to look at the production process of the bouncy castle, whether the cartoon shape is complicated, and what kind of PVC material is used for production. Generally, the price of a 120-square-meter bouncy castle with good quality is about 19,000 yuan, or 17,000 yuan, or 20,000 yuan. It depends on the cartoon shape of the bouncy castle.

How much is a 120-square-meter bouncy castle for children?

Many people who buy bouncy castles will be confused. The price of bouncy castles will also be much lower, and some manufacturers falsely report materials in order to attract customers. For people who don't know how to do it, the more they ask, the more confused they feel, and they don't know who to believe. *Choose any transaction. Lucky customers get the right one, many are not so lucky. Paying a high price but buying a real lesson has frustrated investors' confidence. This is a loss for the customer, and it is also a loss for the industry. A very good project was ruined by some dishonest merchants. For everyone who enters this industry, what we have to do is to help them go further. In this way, we can go far directly

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