How does Changde mobile water park operate and what water park equipment does it have?

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-11

mobile water parks come in various forms, with different scales and operating methods. The profit situation is also one by one. But as the benchmark of the water park, Changde water park can be said to be a household name. Today, let's take a look at the basic situation of Changde's Happy Water World. Look at how this successful inflatable water park is operated. At the same time, our mobile water park operators can also learn from some of the good practices to improve our mobile water park management strategy.

Changde Happy Water World is located in the Liuye Lake scenic area in Changde. It can be said that it has a unique geographical location and a huge number of tourists. It is difficult to build a mobile water park in such a place. Location can be said to be the first major factor for mobile water parks. A good location directly determines your traffic base. You can use less promotion fees to get more tourists. Save a lot of operating costs. Changde water park has a wave pool, a rainbow track, a tornado, a happy water village, a rotating Dragon, a family inflatable water slide . . . . . . A series of play facilities. It can be said that the project is very rich, and the interest is also very strong. One advantage of this large-scale water park is that it is easy to form a brand effect. And there are more repeat customers. After many tourists have played, they will come again with friends or children next time. Therefore, when we operate a mobile water park, we should also expand our scale as much as possible. Of course, this expansion is on a reasonable basis, not blind investment. Changde inflatable water park will also hold a series of activities such as Carnival party, parent-child festival, Shaoguan competition and so on. These activities not only increase the fun of the water park. It has also greatly increased the popularity of the water park. Our small and medium-sized mobile water parks can also learn from this practice and plan some related activities. Well, let's talk about it today. If you are a mobile water park operator, you may as well make a field trip to Changde water park or come to us for relevant consultation. We can give you some reasonable suggestions to make your mobile water park business plan more perfect.
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