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by:JOY Inflatable     2021-03-26
Over the years people have gotten busier and busier, spending larger amounts of their time outside of their homes. As technology has advanced and become more accessible, people are also in more control of what advertising they consume, and more options mean they can choose to be picky over what they do expose themselves to. This means it is becoming increasingly difficult to advertise to new customers and to peak the interest of potential or unlikely patrons. In order to get around this difficulty, businesses need to include promotional tools in their advertising campaign that are much less controllable by consumers. Controlled Advertisements Internet, radio, television, newspapers, flyers, and magazines all fall under the 'highly controllable' category. Our homes are our castles and consumers are becoming experts on how to be in command of the media entering their domain. So what are ways to reach potential consumers without trying to break through the ever tightening security around their house? Breaking Through the Barrier The best way to beat the problem of trying to 'break through' is to wait until the potential customer comes out and leaves the security of his house. Potential customers come to your business every day when they drive by your place of business, usually on their way to a destination other than your company. Those who drive by either don't need your services, or don't know your services are there and readily available. For these reasons, companies use outdoor advertisements such as billboards, signs, banners, and flags, trying to attract attention to their name and business when potential customers are outside of their protective 'castle'. But here presents another problem. Consumers may not be able to select the advertisements they are being exposed to, but they do experience a sort of advertisement bombardment fatigue. They are so used to seeing 'SALE' in big red letters and billboards crammed with information that while they may drive past it, that doesn't mean outdoor advertising truly registers in their minds and memories. Customers Come to the Advertisement The answer to this problem is to be unique and unusual. Businesses are always looking for creative advertising and effective outdoor advertising, and that is more important now than ever before. So what is the best way to stand out from all the other advertisements people drive by? What communicates the most amount of information in the least amount of (driving-by) time? Outdoor Advertising One of the best ideas is to use custom banners, custom signs, and giant inflatable advertising balloons. Anything custom made is much more unique and creative than a lot of advertising competition. Custom banners and custom signs can communicate a specific, clear message with enough detail to attract attention and pique interest. Custom banners and signs can also be made in custom shapes so that they compliment pre-existing business signs, the space available, and current advertising campaigns. For something a bit bigger and even more eye-catching, the best option is a custom giant inflatable advertising balloon. Consumers are used to seeing lots of billboards and signs, all 2-dimensional forms of communication relying solely on picture, color, and text. But a giant inflatable advertising balloon has the option of being made into any 3-dimensional shape in addition. It doesn't get more unique or creative in outdoor advertising than custom banners, custom signs, or giant inflatable advertising balloons.
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