Happy hour at the water park

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-01-11
Summer is coming, and it’s a happy hour at the water park.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people no longer monopolize material pursuits, and spiritual pursuits are increasingly popularized. More and more people are pursuing spiritual enjoyment and realize how important entertainment is. It allows us to experience the beauty of life, release stress, and develop physical and mental health. The water park has a very large entertainment function, especially in the summer, it can bring people a cool feeling in the hot summer days, so it is getting more and more people's attention!

1. Guangzhou Fuyang has a wide variety of amusement facilities to meet the needs of many aspects, suitable for all ages. The inflatable water park entertainment facilities are divided into several series. Let’s introduce Xiaobian to you:

Water slide series: The water inflatable water slide series has a cobra inflatable water slide, a double bowl of space slips, a large and small horn and other entertainment items. It is very exciting to watch it, but the small series reminds the people who are afraid of heights to look at the actual situation. !

Large-scale water house series: large-scale water house series has medium-sized water house, Hebei water park big water house, watching is not very fun!
The relationship between the water and the water: the big water on the water, the water on the water pool, watching the many ankles on the TV, the purpose is to know how exciting and fun the game is, you can not miss the game!
3, of course, in addition to the game programs introduced above, there are many more fun programs waiting for you, hot spring spa, fountain games, pool games, drifting games, watching it is not a lot, is your heart excited? If you want to play, come to Guangzhou Liyang !

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