{Guangzhou Inflatable Slide Castle} takes you to experience the magic castle in fairy tales!

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-07-16

Guangzhou inflatable slide castle refers to a toy that uses the tension force made of film material and the air pressure difference inside and outside the film to form a shape.

Guangzhou inflatable inflatable water slide castle is small in size after deflation, easy to carry and collect. From the material, there are PE film inflatable toys, PVC film inflatable toys, TPU, EVA environmental protection material inflatable products, mesh and Oxford cloth inflatable toys, rubber glued inflatable products, Vinyl inflatable animals.

Guangzhou inflatable slide castle is suitable for schools, kindergartens, gardens, villas, parks, property communities, playgrounds, children's palaces, shopping malls, supermarkets and other indoor and outdoor venues for children aged 2 to 13 with a height of no more than 1.3 meters to play and entertain. Guangzhou Inflatable Castle It contains various game items of previous generations of Happy Castle Naughty Castle (for example: trampoline, Happy Castle Naughty Castle Ocean Ball Pool, aerial tackle, single-plank bridge, chain bridge, cockpit, spiral inflatable water slide, slide tube, Rainbow ladder, rock climbing, UFO, carbines, cannons, automatic guns, cartoon partitions, etc.), and added air cars, volcanic eruptions, animal spray balls, and some electric toys (for example: electric coconut tree, merry-go-round, electric Octopus, curved tree, etc.) and other items.
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