Five mistakes in the use of inflatable pools in inflatable water parks!

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-11

2019 in the hot summer, the cool inflatable swimming pool is not only a good place for exercise, but also a cool place, but everyone knows the health of the inflatable swimming pool? Come and see the health supervisor's answer to the health problem of the inflatable swimming pool!

misunderstanding one only new water can be used to ensure the health and safety of inflatable swimming pools.

According to the relevant regulations of the state, the artificial inflatable swimming pool should be replenished with new water every day during the opening period to ensure that the water quality of the pool has good sanitary conditions. Replace all pool water. As long as the inflatable swimming pool is equipped with inflatable swimming pool water purification facilities and guarantees normal operation during working hours, the inflatable swimming pool water can be kept hygienic and safe.

misunderstanding 2

inflatable swimming pool water cannot be used repeatedly

According to the requirements of the standard, artificial inflatable swimming pool should be equipped with inflatable swimming pool water purification and disinfection facilities, and its design parameters should meet the requirements of water quality treatment. The inflatable swimming pool water of the inflatable swimming pool is filtered and purified to clarify and disinfect the inflatable swimming pool water, and then returned to the inflatable swimming pool for reuse. Therefore, the pool water can be reused after circulating purification.

misunderstanding 3

It is difficult for inflatable swimming pool operators to entrust tests

According to relevant national regulations, the operator has the obligation to regularly check the water quality of the pool water. If there is no testing capability, the test can be commissioned. Therefore, inflatable swimming pool operators can entrust legally qualified testing agencies to carry out water quality testing and issue health inspection reports.

misunderstanding 4

when you smell disinfectant water while swimming, it indicates that the disinfectant exceeds the standard

must be disinfected according to the national water regulations for inflatable swimming pools. Most inflatable swimming pools now open to the public use chlorine-containing preparations to disinfect the pool water. The national standard for residual chlorine in pool water is 0. 3-0. 5 mg/L. If the residual chlorine content in the pool water is too low, the disinfection effect cannot be achieved. If the content is too high, it will stimulate human skin and mucous membranes.

misunderstanding 5

seeing the floating objects of leaves in the pool indicates that the pool water is unqualified

at present, most of the inflatable swimming pools in Chengdu are outside, and there are inevitably floating leaves and other objects in the pool. Before opening the inflatable swimming pool, the operator needs to salvage, but it does not mean that the inflatable swimming pool water is unqualified. If the pool is not qualified, it must be tested by a qualified testing organization.

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