Expose the routine of mobile water park rental operation and defend the legitimate interests of consumers!

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-11

In recent years, a new type of mobile inflatable water park equipment management mode has emerged in the market--Rental business model! This is a very unreliable model, and many entrepreneurs who have adopted this model call themselves trapped! So where is the 'pit' of this leasing mode? Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand this kind of business model, let you have a clear understanding of this mobile water park entrepreneurial model, to prevent you from being deceived by this routine, lose your hard-earned money!

when it comes to leasing, we have to mention a amusement equipment manufacturer called 'chufeng' in the South, the earliest leasing business model was invented by them. At first, it was also kind-hearted. I wanted to help those operators with insufficient entrepreneurial funds and reduce their financial pressure. However, after the spread of this selling method, after being learned by some small water amusement equipment processing workshops, they began to have bad signs, and the rental price was getting higher and higher. In the end, the price of renting a mobile water park is basically the same as buying a mobile water park. As a result, basically the operator of the mobile water park became a migrant worker. He worked hard for a year and paid the rent in the end.

For example, if you buy a set of support pool, it will cost 12000 yuan, and some manufacturers will cost 9999 yuan a year to rent it. The original price of some inflatable pools is 15000 yuan, but the rental price is as high as 12999 yuan a year. There are also water clearance equipment, the price of a complete set is about 100,000, but the rental cost is close to 90 thousand!

Therefore, the most formal mobile water park manufacturer, we do not recommend setting up this business model to start a business, once there is an accident, your loss will be very big. Even if everything goes well, it will only work for others in the end. Therefore, everyone must be optimistic about the money in their pockets, don't be too credulous about some novel mobile water park business model, choose a regular mobile water park manufacturer to protect their legitimate rights and interests!

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