Endless Joy Maker-Slide The City- Inflatable City Water Slide


Endless Joy Maker-Slide The City- Inflatable City Water Slide

Water games&sports are commonly seen and quite popular with young people during summer times,such as swimming, diving, free fall etc. Though there are plenty different types of fun games,creative persons keep chasing for joy&happiness through various new games. Among which a new game grows popularity soon and widely. It is known as “Slide The City”. In 2104, a giant inflatable city water slide is settled to offer new pleasure for those who are in pursuit of endless joy. The first time it came out,it’s so attractive that thousands of people came and wanted to give a try.  From then,inflatable city water slide becomes very popular all over the world.

Generally,city water slide is made of environmental PVC materials,which is waterproof and fireproof. What’s more,it is lead free,which means even little kids can have fun without worrying about safety problems. It’s made up of two main parts, ground sheet and surrounding guarding rails. In some cases, arc-shaped rails are applied over the slide. Ground sheet is used for players sliding over it,while the surrounding rails protect the player from rushing out of the slide. During use, the protective rails need to be inflated continuously. So that the rails can be strong enough to protect the players.

Inflatable city water slides are easy to be installed and took down. The key point of installation is site selection. Since players use gravity force to slide from top to bottom,the water slide needs to be placed on a slope. The angle of the slope ranges from 8-30 degrees. Before installation, it’s necessary to check the ground carefully and clean any sharp things. This is to make sure clean ground and ground sheet won’t get scratched or broke. What’s important,this can avoid any hurt or injury.

After installation,continuous water needs to be injected onto the tube. To make the slide smooth and slippy, soap foam is always used accompany with injected water. Sliding move will need a swim ring or something alike. Player will put a swim ring under their chest and dive to the bottom. Sliding speed is various as per slope angle,water volume,player weight etc.


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