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by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-07

due to the lack of hot summer inflatable water parks, mobile inflatable water parks have gradually become a new popular water playground for children and adults. This prosperity has also spread to many towns and even rural markets in China. In summer, many newspapers, online and other media are paying attention to the dumpling situation in the mobile inflatable inflatable water park. Investment in mobile inflatable water parks is gradually increasing. The mobile inflatable water park has found the pain point of the summer water entertainment market.

Hot Summer, father-in-law baking everywhere in the sun, mobile inflatable water park scene, rows of inflatable water slides, bracket swimming pool, the inflatable swimming pool and other inflatable water park equipment stood there, attracting many parents and children to play and play. It also brought them the joy of a hot summer day.

The ticket price of the mobile water park is around 30 yuan per person. You can play casually. The price is generally acceptable to people, living in an unhealthy air-conditioned house in a hot summer, it is best to go to the water park to relax and relax with the family and share the happiness of the family.

next to the staff said mobile inflatable water park, especially on weekends and holidays, would be good. In some places, traffic can reach thousands of people. In addition to rental fees, equipment costs and labor costs, profit margins are still very large.

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