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Customized logo Inflatable Clear Igloo House With Two Entrance

Customized logo Inflatable Clear Igloo House With Two Entrance

Item No.
Dia 6 M (19.69 feet )
As same as picture or customized
0.8mm transparent PVC
1 piece
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7-10 days
TT/ Western Union / Money Gram/ Paypal
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The inflatable igloo house has been revolutionized with a touch of uniqueness and style in the form of a customized logo. This avant-garde creation boasts an exquisite clear design that offers unobstructed views to its inhabitants, allowing them to bask in the surrounding beauty while enjoying their sheltered haven. Crafted from durable materials, this inflatable clear igloo stands tall as a remarkable architectural marvel. With two entrances strategically placed for convenience and accessibility, it effortlessly caters to the diverse needs of its occupants. The transparent nature of this structure not only captivates onlookers but also floods the interior with natural light during daylight hours - creating an ethereal atmosphere within its walls. As one steps inside, they are greeted by spaciousness complemented by modern aesthetics; a testament to exceptional craftsmanship synonymous with quality and elegance.

Product Parameters of the Inflatable Clear Igloo House


MaterialsDurable 0.8mm transparent PVC  which is waterproof ,fireproof and u/v protected
Warranty3-5 years
Inflate and DeflateEasy to install and take down



Welder by Miller machine in high steam and reinforcement at joint part 
Features:100% waterproof ;only once inflate ,airtight
PrintingLogo printed by Digitally printing or Silk-screen printing
Air Pump(airtight product)Air pump with CE/UL certificates, 110V/220V, various powers
AccessoriesBlower or air pump , repair Kit ,Glue ,Carry bag (for free )



Inflatable product is packed by heavy-duty PVC carry bag;
air blower/ air pump is packed by exported standard carton.

What is Inflatable Igloo tent?


Customized logo Inflatable Clear Igloo House With Two Entrance is an groundbreaking inflatable tent, visually similar to the bubble ball. It can be placed anywhere. Our Inflatable Clear Igloo can serve indoor expositions or outdoor expierience be safe from insects and rain. Unbelievable panoramic views of the surrounding for perfect, exclusive venue.

These inflatable structures can be both small and large and you can custom print them with your brand identity!

Inflatable clear igloo tents offer some tremendous advantages only once inflate by the air pump and you can use it several month continuously

Just give us your idea or design, and we will make it to the real inflatable product!

Where is the transaprent igloo tent


All kinds outside activities.  1.For party event.  2. camping .  3.hotel .  4.exhibition.

Application Filed of Inflatable Clear Igloo


Additional variants include beach-friendly  that put you right up next to the water, and tree-suspended versions that wrap around trunks and hover over the ground
Retail store
You can sale something everywhere you like
For users who want more private space the half-transparent designs or whole transparent for dome tent and no transparent tunnel for the bubble tent are also available

Product show 


The inflatable dome tent itself is very heavy to stand stably, we make D rings and match ropes for you to tie for more stability. You can also use sand bags or water bags to increase stability. However, please use depending on actual scene
With LED Light 
We can install the 16 colors LED light inside the tent .  Inflatable lighting is a new kind of advertising inflatables designed by Guangzhou Joy Inflatable Limited for market development, it is widely used in stage decoration, brand development, promotion, new product display and celebration etc

0.6mm PVC tarpaulin is waterproof and the airtight inflatables are made with high temperature multifunctional welding machine, which is necessary and efficient for massive waterproof airtight inflatables 





Heat welding machine : High precision heat welding machine and elaborated welding work for the water park  .we can perfectly seal all the material pieces together into any reasonable inflatables, and heat weld all of our airtight inflatables with top quality standard with high efficiency 




Products compare


0.8mm transparent PVC VS
0.3 or 0.35mm PVC

anchor rings are welded by machine

anchor rings stick with glue

How to install the inflatable igloo tent


1.To find  space , long , wide and high enough to place the tent on the ground .
2.Clean up the site, not allow have sharp objects and high-voltage wires to keep safety .
3.It would be much better if put a cushion under it such as carpets, plastic color cloth protect the tent from sundries .
4.Spread out and flatten the tent on the ground .
5.Connect the air inlet of inflatable tent and the outlet of blower tightly, and then tight alternative air inlet with a rope.
6.When the blower switched on, inflatable tent will be inflated within 10-30 minutes (depend the size of the tent ).
7.If there is a wind, fill the sandbag and tie it to D-rings on the bottom of the tent or tie the Stakes to D-rings on the bottom and insert the stakes in the soil .

How to do when the tent Leak


If you find a leak, you can wipe the air column first, then apply the surface with soapy water to check the leak. Leakage point If it is a small hole, you can use a small piece of circular maintenance cloth (any specifications of the inflatable tents inside the standard), and then brush dispensing, to be dry after the paste on the leak.
If the leak at the gas column heat seal at the opening of plastic, can be divided into the following steps:
1. First clean up the bonding surface.
2. Guangzhou Joy Inflatable Limited of the inflatable tents will be issued to the bottle of glue, inflatable tent column dedicated plastic, it will be painted on the pre-adhesive surface, must be painted evenly, the thickness of the appropriate brush map twice, you can Sticked up.
3. The shape of the mouth to be designed into a circular or oval, try to avoid the square and acute angle interface shape, lap width can not be less than 30mm.
4. To be glue after evaporation, can be bonded, patch to be flat, no wrinkles, rolling, scraping, while the supply of heat with the hair dryer, easy to bond. Adhesive after 6 hours can be inflated.

Free service



1、free design 

2、free repair kit and After-Sale Service 

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