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Commercial Inflatable Air Soft Mountain Climb Jumping Game Air Bag For Kids

Commercial Inflatable Air Soft Mountain Climb Jumping Game Air Bag For Kids

Item No.
L12 x W12 x H2.1 Meter (L39.4 x W39.4 x H6.9 Feet)
As same as picture or customized
0.55 + 0.9 mm PVC tarpaulin materials
1 piece
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Delivery Time days
7-10 days
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Product parameters


MaterialsDurable 0.55+0.9mm PVC 1000D / 18.5OZ PVC coated vinyl which is waterproof, fireproof and u/v protected
Warranty1-3 years
Inflate and DeflateEasy to install and take down



Sewing machine technology: double stitching everywhere and strong reinforcement at  joint part .
Features : work with the blower all the time
PrintingLogo printed by Digitally printing or Silk-screen printing
Air Pump(airtight product)Blower with CE/UL certificates, 110V/220V, various powers
AccessoriesBlower  ,repair Kit ,Glue ,Carry bag (for free )



Inflatable product is packed by heavy-duty PVC carry bag;
air blower is packed by exported standard carton.

What is Inflatable King of the Hill Challenge Inflatable Mountain Air Bag


Top Sheet : 0.9mm PVC tarpaulin which , the size and the logo can be customized 

Side Flag : Removable flag fix with hook and loop fasteners you can replace the slide flag according the event theme or the slide flag was be damaged . you also can print the logo on the side flag .

Air chamber : good softness to absorb the impact of falling 

Bottom Chamber : Separate top chamber with the ground ;protect air bag and prevent people from touching ground . 

Air outlet : Adjust the inside air of the air bag make the bag more softer or more firmer .

Where is the Inflatable King of the Hill Challenge Inflatable Mountain Air Bag


The Inflatable King of the Hill Challenge Inflatable Mountain Air Bag is an exciting Fast-paced game, players challenge the speed of influenza . Players get ready at the bottom of the giant inflatable hill . 4 people can play this game at the same time . Then all the participant race to the top at the same time using the knotted rope to see who can stay up and be top winner ! If you are the first one climb you can bounce the others particpant who is climbing up down.  It  is very interesting to watch such game . This inflatable King of the Hill Challenge Inflatable Mountain Air Bag is a great visual attention getter for your events. 

You can order any customized inflatable game in choice of colors and brand it with your logos, message or removable banners.

Advantage of the Inflatable King of the Hill Challenge Inflatable Mountain Air Bag


1. Adjustable softness and firmness 

Air outlet : Two adjustable air valves allow for exact and independent adjustment of the softness and firmness of both the  air chamber and the bottom chamber (you can open whole air outlet, or cover 1/3,or cover 1/2 or cover all )depending on sportsman preferences and training targets. 
2. Highly advanced fabrics 
State of the art,We mix with 0.9mm & 0.55mm waterproof and fireproof PVC tarpaulin materials have been adopted in the Guangzhou Joy inflatable Limited to provide you with unparalleled durable, strong tension, reliability and aesthetics. Flame retardant and heat resistant composite fabrics have been incorporated to cope with the extreme demands of climbing and and bouncing 
3. provide safe environment
0.9mm pvc Top sheet material combines intrinsic propestie  such as strong tension, durability, flexibility and elasticity. It is neither grippy,, nor abrasive allowing you to land the air bag and ride away even with sharp ski and snowboard edges.You also can print your company logo on the top sheet 
4. Reforcement 
We make reinforcements at every weak points like welding seams, inside baffles, conner ect.



How to manufacture  Inflatable Mountain Air Bag 


Draw the 3 D drawing and send it to customer confirm everything is fine .

Confirm all these details :

1. the size (included the length ;width ;and the height )

2.The position of the logo 

3.the quantity and the position of the blower pipe 

4.structure of the products 

5 .the thickness and the color of the materials .


1. Divide accurately the width of the each piece materials as same as guarantee the quality, not waste materials, and save the cost .

2,the space between D anchor and the eyelet is marked in each piece materials to ensure accuracy and standardization

3. Intake and exhaust are also marked in the piece to reduce the time cost of later modification.

4,Locating logo painting, warning board position , we can make the waring board with different language .


composing by the computer :

Input typesetting cutting piece by the computer 

Reduce material waste and save cutting time


Automatic cutting machine:

Automatic cutting machine to cut the materials precisely control by the computer .

Reduce material waste and save cutting time.


Spray painting :

Our print meet the ASTM and the EN71 standard Non-toxic and non-irritating smell .

Print include the logo ; theme priting ; warning board and the EN14960 CE certificate . 


Sew :

we always apply double stitching anywhere on the inflatables and quadruple stitching in positions where may sustain much force and pressure .machine with supper excellent 9 in 1 waterproof nylon threads.

Statistics :

                                Max      min       Average     CV

force (N)                 184.4     176.3     180.15      2.13

Tenacity(CN/dtex) 7.17     6.89       7.03        2.13

Elongation(%)           21.5      17         19.45       11.37

Time(Sec)                 12.9       10.2      11.68      11.37


Quality inspection :

1. cuting the redundant thread 

2.measure the size included the length ,width ,height .

3. check the position of the logo whether as same as the drawing or not . 

4.Confirm the  production order list  to check if the precautions are made as required.

5.Our  staff try out the products . Take photos and videos to confirm with customers


packing :

1. Packaging sealed, reducing the transportation cost caused by volume for customers.

2, the maintenance kit is fully prepared and packed in the product.

3, the packaging bag is firm (a layer of PVC packaging, a layer of film, a heavy product to hit the tray)

4, paste product pictures or gimmicks, to ensure that the wrong goods will not be sent.




We make reinforcements at every weak points like welding seams, inside baffles, conner ect.

Durable anchor ring

For anchor ring, we use 316 stainless steel material which last longer than other metal in water.

The jump air bag has 2 chambers 

The bottom chamber is firm (maintaining the stability) while the upper one is soft. 


Our foam pit air bag features as many as 4 air pillars per m2 ! The interconnected air -pillars absorb impact individually and uniformly offering uninstalled safety and maximum durability 





How to install  the Inflatable King of the Hill Challenge Inflatable Mountain Air Bag ?


  1. Firstly Insert the Nozzle of the blower into the blower pipe and then tight alternative air inlet with a rope.
    2.Turn on the blower start to inflate the airt bag .
    3.When the air bag was be built up in the foam pit and check every stake was be inflated or not .
    4.After the air bag was be inflated perfectly ,pls turn off the blower to deflate and then put the cover on the stakes .
    5.Spread out and flatten the cover and the last turn on the blower again (Keep the blower work all the time during the use )

How to pack up theInflatable King of the Hill Challenge Inflatable Mountain Air Bag 


How to put the blower vetn inside


Something the customer not sure about the posistion of the blower vent so we will make the blower vent in the four sides .You can choose the one blower vent to connect the blower to inflate the air bag , and put the others blower vent inside as same as the video.

Free service


1、free design

2、free repair kit and the after- sale service 


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