【Bouncy Castle】Life is closely related to our maintenance

by:JOY Inflatable     2022-07-15

The life of the bouncy castle is closely related to our maintenance. In order to ensure that your equipment reaches the normal service life, you cannot participate in too many children's games when you start playing. Generally, a child of 3 square meters is accommodated on the inflatable mold. The small shapes on the facilities play a decorative role, and children cannot be pulled or torn hard to avoid damage. When the child is playing, do not let the child scribble on the device with a hard object to avoid damage. If the equipment is damaged, you can apply special glue on the damaged part and on the spare PVC material. After 5 minutes of glue, it will not stick to your hands, glue it, squeeze it properly, and it can be used in a few minutes.

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