zorb ball Festivals, Celebrations and Events in Malaysia (Jan to June)

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zorb ball Festivals, Celebrations and Events in Malaysia (Jan to June)
Malaysia is more than oneethnic, multi-Culture and diversityThe heterogeneity of religious countries and their peopleExist in peace and harmony.Although it is mainly a Muslim country, it has a large population of Buddhism, Christianity and Hinduism.These melting pots of race, religion and culture have created a diversity of cultural lifestyles in our country.
What is even more exciting is that Malaysia recognizes the religious and cultural festivals of these different peoples.So with these diversity, the calendar of the country is filled with several colorful religious and cultural festivals.Some of them are declared national public holidays, some are public holidays in some states, and others are not.
So let me share with you a long list of the festivals, celebrations and major events that we hold in our country each year.Who knows? you might want to come and experience it yourself.To start the new year, Malaysians will attend the New Year countdown party not only at home, hotels and clubs, but also at major shopping malls and landmarks.
One of the biggest celebrations to attract the largest crowds was held at KLCC Park outside Kuala Lumpur's twin towers.Here you will get the largest and most impressive fireworks show to rival any large fireworks show in the rest of the world.Dataran Merdeka also has a fireworks display in Kuala Lumpur.
These celebrations include live stage setting by local and international artists for cultural dance and music.In this event, eating is another activity for Malaysians, and eating, drinking and gathering spread to the streets.The new year, however, is more than just parties and fireworks;Organizations such as Sri Lanka's Narayani Foundation will pray for peace and prosperity and welcome the new year.
If you enjoy sailing, this annual event on the island of Langkawi in northern Malaysia is essential.Langkawi is an archipelago of 104 islands in the Andaman Sea, providing a spectacular backdrop for the entire event.The Royal Langkawi international regatta has become Asia's premier sailing event for its fine weather, good wind conditions and warm tropical waters.
In 2013, the event attracted more than 40 sailboats from 12 different countries, and organizers expect more ships to participate in the coming years.The first religious festival this year is Ponggal, an Indian Thanksgiving day celebrated by the Tamils of India.They will pray to the sun god, farm animals and the weather to give and help in the harvest.
While this may not be the case now, they still make this religious festival part of their cultural heritage.Ponggal Celebrates FourDuring the day, the most prominent thing is to cook milk and rice until the Ponggal cooking ceremony spilled.It symbolizes wealth and good luck.As part of the celebration, they will decorate the house with bananas and mango leaves.
They will also decorate the floor with gorgeous patterns painted with colored rice.Read more here.Thaipusam is probably the most colorful, spectacular and intense religious ceremony in the world.Thaipusam, a festival celebrated by Tamil-speaking Indians, is a Thanksgiving Day for Lord Murugan, one of their gods, because prayer is answered.
They will express their gratitude by using hooks and other sharp metal objects to secure carvadis on their bodies.They can also insert these metal spikes through their tongue and cheeks.It looks bloody and painful, but the devotees must go through a strict diet and meditation before the activity.
Therefore, they will not feel any pain, and they are also in a trance of spirit and piety during their activities.According to the planetary calculations of that year, this multi-Photo Festival is held in the last week of January or early February.Watching the event on site is more exciting than watching the event on Discovery Channel.
This is a festival that you must see and experience at least once in your life.Read more here.The Chinese are the second largest nation in Malaysia, so the Spring Festival is an important festival in Malaysia.According to the lunar calendar, it can be celebrated at the end of January or early February.
Traditionally, family members should have reunion meals, prayers and supplies at their parents' homes..Only had dinner during this celebration, only in Malaysia and Singapore.Families can not only visit relatives, but also receive friends from different nationalities.
This open practice has also been carried out by the company's organizations, in order to express their gratitude to their customers and friends.This is unique in Malaysia, but has now spread to neighbouring countries.Elders will give red envelopes to children and unmarried family members with money.
To bring good luck and prosperity, some families perform lion dances at home.The company will also organize similar lion dance activities in shopping malls and offices.Read more here.The Chinese celebrate Goh Mei with prayers and offerings to mark the 15 th evening of the Chinese New Year.
This is also the last day of the Lunar New Year this year.In China, it is called Lantern Festival. The House will be decorated with lanterns of various shapes. the most popular one is the shape of animals.
Chap Goh Mei is sometimes called Chinese Valentine's Day because on that day young unmarried women throw oranges into the sea or in the river in the hope of finding a good husband!The birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, Mawlid al-February is full of religious festivals and celebrations.The Prophet Muhammad's birthday, or known in Malaysia as Maulidur Rasul, is the next religious festival to be celebrated through street parades, religious lectures and recitation of the Quran scriptures.The event took place in the Muslim Rabbi month.
Awwal, because there are only 30 days on the Muslim calendar, on the Gregorian calendar, the dates of the event vary from year to year.Although the practice began in Egypt in the 11 th century and later gradually spread to other parts of the Muslim world, not all Muslims celebrate the incident.Sunnis in Saudi Arabia consider this to be evil and do not celebrate the incident.
If riding a bike is your faith, you're lucky!The trip to Langkawi is Asia's leading annual bike race and is a 10-Stage activities in 10-launchday period.Divided into four categories;Professional, Continental, regional and national.It used to start with Langkawi, but is now marked off at different locations in Malaysia.
The route is changing every year, but it always passes through several attractions and through several demanding terrain.Now, let's continue with some kid-friendly events and go to the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Carnival.With so many activities, you promise to have a lot of exciting moments for the rest of the day.
The Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Carnival opened on 2009, when there were only 17 hot air balloons, attracting 24 participants from 14 countries in 2013.It has also become one of the most popular hot air balloon destinations in Asia.One of the highlights of the carnival is the "night glow" event, where the hot air balloon will be lit in sync with the music.
Many colorful, creative designs and shapes of these hot air balloons make it even more exciting.For the kids, the whole day of the event may be a little tired, but try to stay for the grand fireworks show at the end of the event.This is a free entrance carnival that starts at seven o'clock A.
for 4 days.
If you want to take a hot air balloon, come early and queue up because of limited tickets.Other activities payable include climbing the wall, car simulator, Zorb Ball, KMX bike, paint Ball, water Ball, Bumper Ball, Segway Ball, kids Ball, archery, tied hot air balloon for hot air balloon and helicopter tour.There are a lot of carnival activities, attracting a lot of tourists, parking is also very troublesome.
It is best to take public transportation.
Don't forget to wear the right clothes for outdoor activities, as you may get wet, so bring extra clothes.Don't forget the camera!The parade will end with adrenaline pumping f1.Designed by German designer Herman Tilke, Sepang F1 has a fast-moving but truly challenging layout, and even all riders swear it's one of the hardest tracks in the world.
Coupled with a hot, humid and humid environment, this makes the f1 Grand Prix one of the most exciting races to test the skills of these world-class riders.The "not to be missed" event is packed with paid and free entertainment and concerts from international artists and local artists.This is consistent with the promotional themes of their stores, parties and competitions.
Witness the event here, live broadcast!Visit the traditional Regatta Boat Club located in shabbasembona.Traditionally, the Bajau community of seafarers has built outstanding ships, and in honor of this tradition, the state government held the Regatta Lepa on 1994 (in their dialect to say "regatta"This is an annual event since then.In addition to the competition, other activities include the most beautiful traditional sailing competitions and conference calls.
These are boat races, lepa tug-of-war races, small canoe races (kelleh-Catch the game with the duck.After the event, colorful cultural performances will be held in the evening;Something you should not miss.Malaysian Christians will celebrate Good Friday when Jesus Christ is crucified and pray in churches across the country.
In some churches, a ceremony is held at three o'clock P.M., which is said to be the time when Jesus Christ has died.At the St.Joseph's Church in Kuala Lumpur, a symbolic re-The last hour of Jesus Christ was held before the ceremony.
Good Friday, an important event in Sabah and Sarawak, was declared a public holiday.See what they did on Good Friday in our neighboring Philippines.Self-.Sabah culture festival is an event that showcases the cultural heritage of the state, including performances of national songs, music and dance from 30 different nationalities.
This cultural event will also sell local handicrafts, wood carvings, local hand-woven materials and the delicacies of these peoples.If you would like to learn about the culture and lifestyle of sabahai, please visit this event.Organizers take great pride in protecting the state's valuable heritage and share their appeal with visitors from other parts of the country and the rest of the world.
Buddhist groups celebrate the festival of Vesak, commemorating three important events;The birth, enlightenment and inheritance of the Dharma Buddha.The devotees will gather in the temple, offer flowers, light candles, and pray for blessings.They will release animals such as pigeons as a symbolic gesture of abandoning past sins.
Unfortunately people will not be forgotten because of various charity activities to help them.In the evening, a candlelight parade will be held, but the most exciting one is the colorful parade of the Weser festival in Penang.This is the most important cultural festival in Malaysia, celebrating the multicultural culture of Malaysia.
ethnic, multi-Culture and diversityReligious DiversityAlso known this month as Citrawarna-Traditional performances, colorful parades, exhibitions, street shows and entertainment are all held here.For tourists, this festival is a free introduction and presentation of cultural diversity in Malaysia and a must-have celebration.Therefore, if your time in Malaysia is short and your budget is tight, please arrange your visit during this festival.
Kaau Kaamatan is a harvest festival celebrated by the Shabbat Kada samadun community.This marks the end of the rice harvest season and is also an activity to express gratitude for the harvest.In the past, the festival was deep in the complex ceremony.
Now, since most communities in kadassan Duchamp are either Christian or Islamic, most of the rituals in kamatan are rarely carried out.Instead, it is a celebration of the festival. it is just cultural dance, eating traditional food and drinking traditional rice wine.
So this festival means a lot of drinking and some people will think it's an excuse to get drunk!Dragon Boat Festival is a custom in China. Its history can be traced back to more than 2000 years ago.It started as an event to get rid.In summer, diseases are common and easy to spread.
It is now a major sporting event in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau and Malaysia.Penang is the biggest dragon boat festival in Malaysia. the annual Dragon Boat Festival attracts many local and international people to compete.
In this dragon boat race, competitors will draw colorful dragons.Lead the boat to the finish line, with the beat of drums and drums.Don't miss this vibrant and colorful event and book your flight as soon as possible.
Read more here.
It's similar to sarau Kaamatan, a bumper Thanksgiving, but the Dayak community in Sarawak celebrates.The festival will begin with the ceremony and the chief will sacrifice a little Cock at the ceremony.Or public areas, now also held in community centers.
Although this is a religious activity, it is also a social activity to bring family and friends together and pay tribute to the elderly.The festival in George Town is a month.A long-standing celebration in honor of its Unesco world heritage site.This festival is held every year in Georgetown, Penang, and will showcase the island's colorful heritage.
These are done through music, movies, dance, art and food.It is a festival for the people, and the organizers strive to ensure that it is as convenient and interactive as possible for the community.It will showcase works of well-known local and international talent.
According to the recognition of World Heritage, the purpose of the organizers is to make this festival not only a showcase of traditional and endangered crafts and performing arts in Penang and other parts of Malaysia, but also from the SouthEast Asia.Several events will be held anywhere and anywhere in Penang and you will be busy with entertainment and education.So if you want to take a break from the museum, the Georgetown Festival is an interactive indoor and outdoor "museum" of Penang Heritage ".
Since 100, Malacca has been occupied by the Portuguese for more than 1511 years. before the Dutch came in, it was later British.Although the Dutch conquered them, the descendants of Portugal remained in Malacca.
Until today, the descendants of these Portuguese surnames are still celebrating many religious and cultural festivals.The San Pedro Festival is one of them.This is a week-A long celebration to celebrate the birthday of the fisherman's patron Saint Pedro.Therefore, the colorful fishing boats will be blessed and pray for a better harvest.
To add color and joy to the festival, other events will be held, including fishing and the best boat decoration competition, as well as a demonstration of traditional Portuguese cuisine cooking.This is a 10-Day events will showcase unique and beautiful cultural dances, folk songs and music from different nationalities around the world.The Sabah government hopes to enhance the understanding and goodwill between the participating countries through this event and promote Sabah as a tourist destination.
At the same time, a fiveDay folk art exhibitions will also be held to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of various arts and crafts in participating countries.So, if you are a culture lover, this festival is a unique event that allows you to see all kinds of cultural dances and hear all kinds of folk songs, music, art and handicrafts from all over the world are all in one place.It ended the first half of the year with festivals, celebrations and events.
I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I do.I hope this will stimulate your curiosity and let you experience it yourself.There are actually more, but I only highlight the main events.
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