Writing Games to Play at Parties - blow up games for parties

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-10-29
Writing Games to Play at Parties  -  blow up games for parties
While most people don't necessarily think that writing is a party game activity, stimulating creative expression in a group environment can be as fun as poker games, or more unusual.
Next time you hold a party for a group of art lovers --
Tilt people, or people who just want to try something different, try a party writing game designed to be humorous, sentimental or purely creative.
For this humorous game, combine basic comics and writing skills.
Select someone in the group as an artist and create a cartoon image with empty voice bubbles at the top of the page.
Alternatively, prepare the image in advance by extracting old comics or pictures from the Internet and adding voice bubbles.
Fold the pictures horizontally in half so that the images are hidden, leaving only the voice bubbles, then pass them to the guests and instruct them to write blind subtitles.
Fun begins when the photos unfold.
In this game the guest is sitting in a circle with the owner holding a notebook and pen.
The host starts the game by writing the first sentence or the first paragraph, reads aloud, and then passes the notebook to the next person who must write the same amount, then read their part aloud before passing it to the next person.
The game continues until a short story is written at a predetermined length.
To get the best results, make sure everyone who plays agrees whether this will be an attempt for a serious story or an attempt to make the finished product funny.
For this game, let guests write humorous constellations for each other, or humorous ones for each other's constellations (make sure everyone knows who is who ).
Assign constellation writing through secret collaboration, then collect all constellations for the host to read aloud.
Write eight characters in the style of "baking" and have a deep feeling of fun with each other.
Challenge everyone to guess who wrote his constellation.
You may not be in high school or college anymore, but you can still re-learn
The tradition of creating a yearbook diary is a particularly meaningful activity
Marks one or more parties to the end of the working relationship.
Let each guest bring a small notebook with their name clearly written on the cover.
Then all the guests sat in a circle, passed the book and wrote something in each book.
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