Women scoring goals for behaviour - see-saw

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-05
Women scoring goals for behaviour  -  see-saw
Luke Hodge's crime last week has caused thinking.Is it always that athletes and not women are able to get themselves into trouble in one way or another?Do female athletes perform better on and off the field?Or, like many other aspects of the male and female sports coverage, whether their judgment is poor or notnoticed.Perhaps what we can be fairly certain of is the former.
Of course, we see some fierce encounters between female combatants in sports, but this figure is insignificant compared to the statistics of male combatants.This is a comparison, and there is no doubt that women will be happy to stand on the ground floor --saw.As a comprehensive summary, one reason is likely to be that women's sports are better and more well managed.
Observe closely enough any team environment for women to participate in sports as well as organizational, managerial and internal qualityTurn respect to a higher level or two.While it is difficult to judge, it almost certainly extends to individual female athletes and their relationships with mentors, managers and coaches.It's hard to come up with examples of Australian female sports stars who are barely even in control, as many would assess, Nick kilgios or Bernard Tomic.
On the other hand, as many people as possible will rate Hodge as a good example --You have to question what the hell he's thinking when he's driving home and apparently drinking too much.It is hard to imagine that he could not afford a taxi at his salary.For the second time this year, he has suspended his unruly crackdown on opponents on the field, the top team captain in the first two weeks of the finals.
Incredible arrogance.
But it's not surprising when the person in charge of him tries to downplay the situation.Assuming that the media correctly quoted Chris Feigen's remark that his observation of Hodge's "poor judgment" only reflected his own opinion, because he thought his captain had only a few drinks all night.If that's the case, maybe Hodge should dispute the charge.
At least in his own comments, he raised the stakes to "three or four ".Fergan was right in his opening remarks.Hodge's behavior is stupid and unacceptable.So why continue to downplay it?This in itself sends a bad message.
Especially young people.
Perhaps it is also interesting to compare the response of the British and Australian authorities to this situation.At is true.10. James Faulkner reads "a few drinks" higher than Hodge's ".068, but the punishment does not bear this comparison.
Faulkner was slammed for about $22,000, grab one or twoCompared to Hodge's $450, this year's ban and, in his case, 10 points have been recorded whenever he leaves.Maybe food worth thinking about?
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