Why We Buy - inflatable bouncers for sale

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-10-29
Why We Buy  -  inflatable bouncers for sale
Understanding why people buy what they buy will only help you sell your products or services better.
There is a reason why people buy.
People buy with their emotions and use logic to justify their purchases.
People buy what they want because it satisfies a desire or makes them feel better.
They will buy if they realize that it will save them time or money or let them make money.
Find it for whatever reason, use it to force them to buy.
We all like to buy things, but we hate to be sold.
During my 20 + years in retail sales, I have seen it many times when I was an advertising sales representative.
I have worked with various types of sales people, some are good and some are bad.
Good people always have a few things in common, such as never hearing the word "don't know", overcoming objections, knowing how and when to end.
Another feature they share is gaining trust by not putting pressure on customers or launching products that customers don't want.
They understand that if you want to sell successfully, you let the customer sell it yourself.
Of course, you can gently guide them in the direction they want to go, or if they seek useful advice.
With this in mind, you need to understand that people buy for many different reasons.
A big part is that you can replace the reason if you understand sales psychology.
First, why do people buy it?
There are 4 basic categories here;
Need, desire, desire, and fear.
We all buy clothes because we need them to live in our society and survive in elements.
However, there are many reasons why we buy the clothes we want, such as fashion, comfort, fashion and warmth.
So, to a large extent, we buy the clothes we want and justify it as needed.
This is very common, not just clothes.
This rule applies to everything.
Now that we have established the basic rules, we can continue to look at how we can use this information for sales.
Knowing why people buy can only help you sell.
One more thing is important. as long as we continue to discuss this topic, people will like the story.
Even during the recession or recession, book sales and film revenues proved this.
Fear of loss is the primary reason why people buy.
That's why a limited quantity or time is sold to sell items.
If they believe they will make a deal, they will only buy it now.
Gap is another good example of this very simple phenomenon.
Online merchants and department stores have been using this strategy.
This caused an emergency.
Desire is easy to understand.
For some reason, this person wants an object.
It could be that their neighbors have one, or fit some of the characters they want to show.
They want an object to open the door or close the door, or impress the opposite sex, and the list continues.
The bottom line here is that they want it to achieve a dream, and that's the difference between what they want and what they want.
It's just a more powerful and emotional situation that can be good for you.
How will you use this information to sell your product or service?
Well, if you know why they bought it, then don't buy it if you know how to sell it to them.
What you really need to do is decide which of the four reasons they buy, or rather which strategy you will use to sell.
Use your wisdom and do some research to decide who you sell to and then plan your strategy from there.
Your basic choice is to create a sense of urgency or develop their desires through a story or commitment to save them time and/or money or build their perceived value so they can't live without it.
Of course, you can use a combination of these two or more things.
When you know why they bought it, you know how to sell it to them.
I'm sure I 've given you a good start to the whole process, but, if you want to know more, I have written an ebook called "Why did we buy something" and I sold it on my website.
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