Why to Use Fireproof Safes - fireproof

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-21
Why to Use Fireproof Safes  -  fireproof
Most safes happen to be fire-proof, not fire-proof.The insurance company's labs rate the fire safety deposit boxes.So be sure to test the UL rating as it will tell you more about the specific rating you get for a safe deposit box.
Half an hour ratingThe UL level 35 offers 1550 degree temperature protection for 30 minutes.Again, 1 hour ratingUL class 350 can withstand 1700 degrees per hour.With the UL guide, you can choose the right fireproof material you want.
After determining the level of protection you need for your valuable documents, look for excellent manufacturers on the market to provide all types of fire safety deposit boxes for commercial and residential purposes.You can rate them according to the duration of the safe until they are able to protect your precious property in fire at different temperatures.For example, a class 3 fire safe can protect the file from a temperature of 1700 degrees for at least one hour.
Level 2 safety officers resist fires in 1850 for more than 2 hours, and level 1 safety officers resist fires in 2000 for more than 2 hours.To protect computer documents such as discs and floppy disks, you will need to purchase a special safe.The cost of a small fire safe starts at $50.
You will need to pay more for a larger size safe.The large fire safety deposit box costs about $200.However, expensive fire safety boxes are usually purchased for commercial purposes.
In order to understand the different types of fire prevention models on the market, you should first list what you want to be safe, and most importantly pay attention to insulation and fire prevention information.It helps you to select the type and size of the required safe deposit box.The security guard claimed it was fire-proof but could not guarantee its indestructible nature.
So buy one that meets your safety requirements.Once you start comparing models, investing in a fire safe may look expensive, but it actually offers you a lifetime benefit by preventing theft, smoke, water, heat and fire
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