Why Melbourne's train network melted down yet again - meltdown

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-24
Why Melbourne\'s train network melted down yet again  -  meltdown
The train crash can't happen at a worse time.For the passengers, becausexa0It takes place at the tip of the rush hour, for the Metro because the Andrews government is believed to be about to announce the delivery of 7-One year extension of contractFor political reasons, after the system has disappointed commuters so badly, it is unlikely that it will come out so soon to announce this.The automatic train control center of the subway failed at four o'clock P.
, causing the operator to be confused and could not identify what caused the system failure.With the system turned off, the train controller stared at the blank screen and didn't know where the Melbourne train was in the network at all, so all trains were shut down for safety reasons.The train stopped between the platform or station and sat there, and the staff of the subway nerve center competed to find out the problem and get the system back online.
It took more than an hour for thousands of office workers to get stuck on their way home from work.Some trains are stuck in the city loop when the system is closed.The failed system is called TCMS, and it takes $88 million to start and run.
It's been brewing for years-The earliest mention was 1999, and about 15 years later, after the endless delay, it only began in 2014.Designed to improve the reliability of Melbourne's public transport system.It is fair to say that, until today, 869 of Melbourne's vulnerability has been exposed again.
Km metropolitan rail network, a problem with a room may spreadxa0To every corner of the city.A computer failure should not shut down a city's railway system.The subway was still unable to determine the cause of the problem on Thursday night.
There will be reasonable anger among commuters caught up in this mess, with fingers pointing mainly to the subway.But the government is responsible for investing in public transportation, and the subway is paid to run the system, sometimes acting as a shield for convenience at this time.Connes was driven out of town because there were so many such failures.
It's hard to imagine that the subway will appear at the door in the same way.Who will the government look?But the latest disaster proves even more.xa0Melbourne has a long way to go to this "world ".
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