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by:JOY Inflatable     2020-12-22
who needs anger? -  -  blow up event shelter
Everyone -
We all need anger.
The simplest basic definition of anger is that it shows that we have unmet needs to solve, indicating that we lack what we want to meet in our lives.
As with all emotions, anger is normal, useful, healthy and necessary.
Emotions are all sorts of messengers.
Everyone reveals aspects about ourselves that we may not be aware of so that we can better know who we are and what is important to us.
When external events provoke anger internally, we must first ask ourselves, "What do I need in this case?
\ "Here is an example: My boss gave me more work, which is impossible for any normal person to complete in eight months. hour day.
In the end, I screamed at her and said, not only is it unfair, but it is inhuman.
I can't stand it anymore. I'm ready to resign.
So what am I looking?
Well, there may be a few things: I may need to be treated with fairness and respect, or I may need help from an assistant, or I need help from the countryof-the-
Allow me to complete more art equipment or related training in less time.
It is essential to determine what is missing so that people can work in the appropriate areas to achieve an acceptable solution.
So the first step: determine what is needed;
Step 2: Create a plan to meet this requirement.
If my young kids play crazy and make a lot of noise that makes me nervous before bashing them, I ask myself, what do I need?
"I need them to be quiet!
Not obvious?
"Is this a real or deceptive need?
There is a difference.
What I really seek is peace and tranquility.
Do I have to have them sit quietly and color the book or just go back to my room and close the door?
If my first effort was to keep them silent, it might not be as easy (or fair) to achieve the goal as I thought ).
My second choice may be more reasonable and easier to implement.
I seek refuge behind closed doors. need satisfied.
Let me also add that there is a big difference between demand and demand.
We want a lot of things: a new car, a slim body, more money, a careful spouse, or a new wardrobe.
But these are actually desires, not necessities.
Demand is an indispensable element in our life, and it is necessary for us to survive.
There are only a few: clean air, water, food, protection from elements/injuries, peace of mind and love (with the Capitol "L ).
This is important because we have made great efforts to get the extra things in life, thus distracting us from pursuing those things that have lasting value.
We are all human beings, and our nature lures us to seek some of the benefits that life offers.
However, we need to keep an eye on what is really important.
Here are some useful suggestions: 1.
Re-evaluate all your needs for yourself, others, and life.
Put them in the right folder: real requirements or deceptive ones. 2.
Once a real requirement is identified, a plan is created to meet that requirement. 3.
Don't try to force life or others to be what you want.
The need to give up control.
Allow others to be themselves.
Let life unfold naturally in the divine order. 4.
Take your faith and trust in God.
In the end, all of our needs are provided by our father (and our efforts ).
Whatever is really in our best interest, whatever God wants us to have, or whatever he wants us to have in our lives, will pass.
At Matthew 6: 26, we were reminded: "Look at the birds in the sky --
They do not sow, harvest or gather in the barn.
Your heavenly father cares about them.
Aren't you more valuable than them? \"5.
Remember the lyrics of the Beatles when they wrote "You just need love.
They're right.
Love with the Capitol "L.
God is love, everything you really need, you already have, and will always have.
The rest is just fluff.
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