where to play bubble soccer Soccer vs Basketball

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-10-10
where to play bubble soccer Soccer vs Basketball
I want to start my article by criticizing myself for calling football.Although I hate to call football, I know that most of the audience is American. football is not football.Football lovers and basketball lovers are two kinds of people.
What's the difference between those two games?(I can hear you say, "one plays with the foot and the other by the hand.Football is more teamwork.A harmonious team is more likely to win a team with superstars.Basketball is a superstar game.One can change everything.Michael Jordan.Football is a 90-minute strategic game that doesn't leave much space for businesses.
Basketball is a game of scoring.
The whole process of the game can be changed in the last 10 seconds.Anyone can play football.It doesn't matter how high or strong you are.Every child dreams of becoming a football star.
Basketball is for big guys.
If you are short, you can dream of becoming a basketball critic.Football can be played everywhere.I remember playing with the ball made of two stones and the broken Coke cans of the goal.Basketball needs equipment.You have to have a good ball and a basketball ring at least.
Football is an outdoor sport.
You can play football in green fields or under snow.Basketball is an indoor sport.You have to find a good weather or a good place.Football is a continuous sport.You go out and play for 2 halves of 45 minutes, and there is no time except for 15 minutes of half time.
You can only change 3 players (5 in some countries), so at least 8 players stay on the court for 90 minutes.For more than four quarters of basketball, the team can rest and the players have been circulating.As you can see, I am a football player.If you have more items to add to this list, feel free to comment.
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