where to play bubble soccer Indoor Party Games for 3 Year-old Children

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-25

Indoor party for three peopleyear-Old kids can be lively and exciting.However, it is sometimes difficult to come up with a game for this child.Fortunately, there are a number of indoor party games to entertain and participate in three-year-olds.These games are also designed for parents to watch and play together.First, place the paper circle on the ring on the floor (each player in the game has a paper circle ).Write a number on each circle using the marker, from "1" to the total number of players (the circle does not have to be arranged in numerical order ).Write these same numbers on a square sheet of paper and place them in a bag or bowl.Let each player choose a circle and stand on it.Play the music and tell the children to walk slowly around the ring and step on the numbers as they walk.Stop the Music after about a minute.Draw a number from the bowl.No matter which player stands in the circle, the matching number will win.The winner can pick the favor of a party from the basket.First of all, choose a doorway and hang a piece of paper or blanket on it (which should be high enough so the kids don't see it, but low enough so they can throw the rod on it ).There was an adult crouching behind the curtain with a basket of prizes.Players take turns "fishing" prizes.The fishing rod should be a strong stick with a long rope attached to it.Each player will take turns throwing his fishing rod and throwing the rope on the sheet while grabbing it.The adult behind the curtain tied a prize at the end of the rope and then pulled the rope.The player then pulls the rope back onto the sheet to discover his prize.Let all the players sit around.Select two players at both ends of the circle and give each player a small item such as a bean bag or stuffed animal.Tell the children which one is "Fox" and which one is "hen ".When an adult says "go", the children quickly pass items in the circle to see if the Fox can catch up with the hen.When the player holding the "Fox" clicks on the "hen", the game starts.Be sure to play this game in the kitchen or in another roomSurface floor easy to wipe once the game is over.For easy cleaning, you can also lay a waterproof cloth on the carpet.Let adults or children blow bubbles.Each player will take turns trying to pop up bubbles before landing.Players with the least bubble won.
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