where to buy bubble soccer The New Real Estate Bubble

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-09-03
where to buy bubble soccer The New Real Estate Bubble
The economy is no better for some.Why?This is because they are able to profit from today's price slump.Today's discount is more than worth, not so good from 1980.Even better for some people than this.Think about it.Low interest rates..Fewer buyers.Low prices.Government tax refund.Tax incentives.You can't ask for a better climate to make a lot of money quickly.
This is a negative bubble that will not last forever.Negative news pushed prices down and profits up.I'm using this and you should do the same!If real estate is so great, why do people escape it?Just out of fear.
They don't know what's going on.
It's not good for them to listen to the news.They don't go through the headlines to see the opportunity.Have you ever heard that the contrarian will make a fortune?These brave souls are those who focus on the fundamentals of the economy and then find the business sector with a loss greater than average and buy in large quantities.
Think about Buffett.
He made a lot of money doing it.
They know that when the economy recovers, they will prosper because the sector will recover faster and more than other sectors of the economy.So, what am I doing in this economy?I have more than 33 years experience in real estate.I have bought, sold, held business, apartment, singleFamily and landHere are some of my views: 1) I believe persistence is the key to long-term persistenceterm wealth.
2) residential real estate is great because it is the least risky of all real estate.After all, everyone needs a shell.Err...house that is.So now you know what to buy in this economy (and all the other ones) boom.Next, you need to know where to buy, what to buy, how much to pay, and where to get the money to do it.
These are key issues related to any business.You may even think you know these answers.But for most investors, what is missing is a replicable plan to solve all the problems, guide you through the process and achieve profits.
First of all, let's buy the address.
I believe most people can do business in their own backyard.That is to say, within a 5 mile radius of your house, there will be affordable houses in at least two blocks.Intermediate prices in your marketThis is important because it generates cash flow.
Second, the question of what to buy is what I call our street smart business plan.Beautiful house in beautiful neighborhood, beautiful people have beautiful checkbook to have.In the end, my exit plan is to sell the house to the client who lives there.
There will be more later.
Third, how much to pay.
Here are the skills.
Of course, you can close the deal with all the foreclosed investors and buy it on the court steps, but it's a very risky start and it needs all the cash.Instead, I look for other ways to find deals that allow me to buy at a discount and control the process.I can assess the property, status, closing time, and even financing.
The skills and tools I created for this process provide the discounts needed to make a profit.Four is where the money comes from.Welcome to my "seller is bank" project.With proper training, you will find that the seller will be your ally in the process.By knowing the right words, they will allow you to take over the payment of their loan.
Not only that, they will also finance the seller for the price difference recovery.If I focus on buying foreclosure or short selling on court steps, I will never be able to do that.Of course, you need a plan in order for this to happen over and over again.
It should include specific education, skills training and the right paperwork to link your profit center and protection.This is a key business strategy that many investors may miss.They put it and hope for the best and tragic failure.
As for selling properties in this economy, you must also have a plan.Here is the next stage of my overall plan to earn the most money with the least effort of the salary day for many years to come.We offer rent for our own projects.We give customers up to three years of purchase time, provide rent credit for timely payment, and we will also finance if customers choose us to do so.
There is a big market, friends.
There are many people who want to have a home.They have poor, bad or no credit.They will pay for your right to establish credit.Some people call their tenants.Yes, people who would also rent a house would also like to have a house one day if they had a chance.
Imagine this solving all the problems.
The tenants (which we call customers) feel that this is their home and they treat the house completely differently from you.Not only that, they will pay you first so they can get rental points when they buy.This is an example of a real transaction.My street smart training clients usually do such a deal.
A lady inherited a house.
She lives there.
A few years ago, she had a brother who bought his shares by getting a loan worth 50% and then giving him the money.Now, due to the fact that her work has shortened her working hours, she is experiencing cash flow problems.She can't afford a mortgage, and even worse, the house is spending her money every time she turns around --New roof, new water heater, new privacy fence, etc.
So she wanted to sell the house and move into an apartment that had no trouble with repairs.She knew the property was worth at least $160,000.She is willing to accept the discount in order to get rid of it as soon as possible.
Using my seller is a bank idea and the right words makes her feel comfortable as she makes the right decision and this is the deal she accepts: 1) the purchase price of $130,000 is financed as follows: 2) 75,300 existing loans take over payments of $454.24 (5 per month.5% interest rate) 3) 45,000 $300 per month until payment (zero interest) 4) 8,000 cash, she paid all settlement fees from cash.To fully understand why this is a good deal, you have to compare it to a traditional loan.
As this is the property of the investor, usually the interest rate will be higher than the interest rate of the main residence.If you can get a loan, assume a fixed rate of 7% for 30 years.Now, in today's market, lenders cannot accept a $8000 decline.
They hope to reduce the price by at least 20%.This means that you have to come up with $26,000 in cash (at least) on your investment in real estate ).Not only that, you will also pay about 3% of the loan points and the loan settlement fee.
..or $3,660 CASH.
So in the traditional way that most investors buy, you will get $29,660 in cash and have to pay $691.For the next 30 years, there will be a total of $92, totaling $249,272.42.Since my "seller is a bank" program, I can only pay off her loan at a zero interest rate of $300 a month.
The loan was paid 150 or 12.
5 years, we start payment 3 months after purchase.We still have 26 years to take over the loan.This means that the total cost of my funds is $197,448.
Save $81,484 or 32.
Not only that, I don't need any credit because the seller is a bank and their property is collateral for the loan.In addition, cash is saved and there is no settlement cost.Whew!A lot of numbers, but read through again.
The same deal, two different offers.
Do you prefer this plan?By the way, almost any typical investor is excited that even if they have to go to the bank to get money, they can get a $160,000 house for $130,000.Therefore, the cost of saving money is based on the acquisition of equity.With the right strategy and proposal, I was able to get as much extra profit from that deal as most investors get in 6 to 8 deals.
Now let's take a look at the exit strategy.I sold it on my "equity work" project and if the buyer draws and fixes it I will give them credit for the down payment.So I don't have any further cash expenditures.
They lowered $15,000 and agreed to pay $1,300 a month for rent.They agreed to buy it for $169,900.This is the initial cash flow of $546 per month, which will increase due to inflation, and this will increase again when my loan of $300 per month is returned for 12 years.5 years.Of course, I took back all the cash expenses and put the cash in my pocket.
So now everyone can see a lot of profit centers when buying: 1) zero credit problem.I don't need to use my credit to qualify for a loan 2) no bank financing 3) no loan payment fee 4) no loan settlement fee 5) No 30 year loan 6) no loan qualification extension funds8) short term cost of low down payment (many times it has no down payment and in some cases the seller pays us to buy) 9) if the seller later chooses to sell their seller financing notes at the discount store, get more profit on the beautiful house, beautiful neighbors, beautiful people want beautiful checks.Now let's take a look at the profit center at the time of sale: 1) withdraw cash from the buyer (over margin) 2) no refund.
You do not have to refund the down payment (option fee)Security deposit must be refunded 3) not fixed.The customer may be eligible to acquire the property "as is", which can save your delay and the cost of fixing up4) cash Flow as rental income is higher than the hundreds of dollars per month paid to sellers or their banks.You can pay the rent with the rent paid by the tenant, thus reducing the potential financing pressure.
You have a happy client and you give him a real chance to increase his business.You will receive referrals from new prospects so that you can build a buyer list at a lower repair cost.You have a trained homeowner who is responsible for minor maintenance and repair, reducing concerns about collection.
You have a client who is motivated by economic and life improvement and can pay on time.If they buy...Yeah!!You sell at your price and they pay the closing price.If they don't buy it...yeah!!You take the assets back and do it again.
You win anyway.
All this is in line with my business philosophy ...... We help others when we buy, and when we sell, we help others.We are problem solvers and dreamers.You have it.I teach you to work in finance, not real estate.
We use easy-to-learn skills to get creative financing from sellers at the time of purchase, then offer creative financing to buyers at the time of sale, and increase significantly between the two.I hope you are satisfied with how to prosper in today's economy.This business model is useful to me in all the economic ups and downs.
This negative bubble happens to be a period in which you can prosper more than usual due to low interest rates, market concerns, high housing supply and the willingness of sellers.Over the past 25 years, I have designed a process that includes all the tools, training, technology, and team guidance and guidance to share this approach with others.The process works and leads many to become millionaires in a short period of time because they are smart enough to realize that the process of adopting what others have perfected is smarter than the process of trying to create themselves.
I now have users and enthusiasts of this system in all 50 states and 15 foreign countries.You can also build a long term.Read it again and see if this is for you
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