where can i ride a bull I Wonder If This Email Is Any Good

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-21
where can i ride a bull I Wonder If This Email Is Any Good
It\'s a bit...lengthy.For students and fresh graduates.Trying to get them out of their ass.Thank you in advance for reading.We're gone!Your asylum period is over and the game is over.It's time to prepare, it's time to prepare for the adventure that is about to be your life.It's time to consider the importance of this date, today, now.
At this moment.
Whether you admit it or not, the game has started and you are timing.We can certainly agree on this issue.A whole year from today, when you stand among friends and peers, you will look around no matter where you happen to be, restaurants, parties, etc.Think back to this date.You will think back to today.The opportunity on this day was more than just knocking on the door, it kicked the door open, flashing in the room, making a sexy little poleDance, and (slank?Walk down the hall to your bed.
What will you do?Something?Anything?NOTHING?It's time to build your presence and take responsibility from the jump.When you made your first money when you were 25, do you realize how much good you can do for the world?John Dillinger was asked, "John, why are you robbing the bank?"Because the money is there," replied Dillinger ".So...Where is the money now?You know where.The Two BILLION sat there with a credit card in his hand.
(Yes, I know.
Still, public enemy #1 sounds cool.
) Swear to win now, ahead of your peers and your age group.You won't graduate from medical school next year, so go where the money is.This is the right thing to do and you don't have to worry about any classes anymore.
In addition to "advanced leisure travel" or "receiving massage introduction.You will read the idiot's jet guideSetting\'.Or it might be called "my adventure ".Written by you.Anyway, let's get started.The TO DO List.Work 1) in your life, you will never do anything, which is as important as how serious you are with this statement.
Learn how to market.
In the past, "marketing" was carried out in print, radio or television.Now, marketing is done with you and me, right in the process of our daily lives.I don't know what McLuhan would think, but things happen very quickly, don't they?One day not long ago, it was very important to have internet news.
Then, blink of an eye.
..This is no longer important to anyone.
Now, each of us has the ability to make near the studioMake horizontal movies in our pajamas and in our spare time.We do marketing now.You did it.Your generation.So I bet you might make a video.split.This is the beginning.Your learning curve will be short and sweet."But wait," you're crying..."Selling things on the Internet is...A) it burns, it burns, it burns...Think about this now.Take it in.Everything we do in our lives comes down to marketing.
-Want to get better results?How you approach your mentor is marketing in the purest form.When he is trying to sell you your idea, you are selling it to him.His idea is that he will not change your grades.
If you know how to build and present your information, it's not a competition, it doesn't match.But...It's a little trivial, right?Now, think about the girl.The one you have been longing for years, but the one you will always know is beyond your reach.
Close your eyes and really get her fixed in your mind for just a minute.Let's call her Montana.No, wait!Brie.No...Let's call her Jessica.But not Jessie.So...It's time for the ball.Now, your task is to have Jessica accept your premise: she should go to the dance on your horse.Okay.Got a plan?If you know how to market, you put this thing on the bed-Forgive this expression.
-in an instant.
You'll be looking for someone to draw a picture of her and put a pin on it, and you'll have "Brad Pitt" leave her a message and strongly advise her to consider having you in the role of a prom date, you will post an article that mentions one of her pet programs or charities and you will make it a virus.You will make a surveillance video of her daily life, where she went, who she saw and what she did...oh, wait.Maybe not the last thing.You\'d MARKET.Jessica will give in to your way...I mean...\'charms\'...Will become unprepared.This is the case with every interaction every day.
Whether you know you're doing it or not, you have a goal and your market supports it.It's clear how much this skill will help you find your next job, but let's take it a step further.How big does "social media expert" or "network traffic consultant" look on resumes of this era?I think it might give you an advantage.
Competition?Work 1) Learn to sell work 2) build a surplus secondary income as a test ground for your marketing education.Well, it's right there.MONEY.Look, even if you 've done all the suggested support work for the ball --The dating program, in any case, the person driving a Porsche might win.Do you agree?Women like money.Who can blame them?Hell, like money.People are forced to pay attention when you have money, or you can remove them.
Even the air tastes different when you have money, not just because of the tanks you carry with you.You can freely ask Jessica when you have moneynot-Jessie, if she wants to go to New York for dinner after the dance.Question: Is this going to impress Jessica?What about other people?.
Okay, look around now.
In your head.
You know what I mean.
Your peers, your age group.
Many of these children come from relatively wealthy families who have a break along the way.But the problem is, they are not smarter than you.In fact, the opposite is true.Some of these little bstards are as stupid as a bag of hammers.
A full bag.
So how does it feel when you pull to the nightclub and hand over your new Lexus key to the valet?Close your eyes and think about driving to the valet alley on the side of the road.What does that car smell like?Except leather, testosterone and fear?Compared with other cars, the feeling and taste of good cars are different.What is the expression on your friend's face?Your nonfriends?What do they think of you?What about the mouse?Have you been bullying your bstard all these years?What about the mouse?Have you been bullied all these years?What's going on with those guys?What will their mug look like?It's not a matter of appearance, it's just a matter of you.
You don't drive because it will be superficial and weak if you want people to see it.But you drive that car, wear a Rolex watch, or order champagne, which is an inevitable by-product and you will be noticed.For whatever reason, there is real power to attract attention.
So, how does it all feel to you?I will give you a hint: not like you think.By that time, you will be laser.Focus on building activities, testing quotes, making money, playing games.You will check your backDeposit Office, dance night at least twice.
You will devote yourself to it.
Do you really have a concept? Before the age of 25, how many good things can you do in the world by making your first money?What is the only way to do this?Yes, marketing on the Internet.\"B-B-But, wait!"Your little ladies scream," I don't believe in online marketing...Next time, just ask them what kind of marketing they believe.
And throw them down the stairs.
No, just kidding.
Sort of.
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