where can i ride a bull How You Can Get Rid of Your Electric Bill Forever

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-24
where can i ride a bull How You Can Get Rid of Your Electric Bill Forever
Do you realize that you can get rid of some or all of your electricity bills by making your own low electricity billsCost of permanent magnet generator?Generating electricity in this way is zero expense, although the machine needs some power to keep it spinning at a speed.The device even generates its own electricity for this.When it rotates at full speed, it doesn't use external power at all to keep it running forever.
In fact, these generators are able to output about five times the power they need to keep running.How much does it cost to assemble parts of a permanent magnet generator?The cost can surprise you: in between $105 depending on the size of the permanent magnet generator, to make things simple, parts are easy to buy almost anywhere.You can find them in nearby hardware or home improvement shops.
The complete schematic, parts list, and instructions are currently sold for a very low price, usually less than $50.These directions are too much trouble.Almost anyone can easily build a permanent magnet generator without help.When you build one or two devices for yourself, it's easy to roll out a profitable business that makes these devices for the public.
If you end up producing more current than you can use, if you are still connected to city power, you can sell the excess current to the power company when your meter works backwards.Pollution of permanent magnet generators-No toxic smoke.They don't make any noise and need too many rooms.
You can even install one in a city apartment and drop the electricity bill to zero.Some people build small permanent magnet generators to meet some of their power needs, reducing the monthly bills of the power companies.Others build larger permanent-magnet generators that can generate about 7000 watts of electricity enough to run a small house.
If you have to have more electricity, you can easily connect the output of 2 or more generators together to generate any amount of free current.To let you know what power is available for 7,000 watts of electricity, I own a 16-square-foot home in Hawaii, which has relied entirely on solar power since 1999.It has an array of 40 solar panels with an output power of 75 watts per panel.
40x75 W = 3000 W.
With just 3,000 watts (and battery packs) I can use my computer and fridge all day, Cook in a microwave and use a toaster.In the evening, I can watch 1 or 2 DVDs while powering the small TV and surround sound system.I turn off the lights when I don't need them.
All bulbs are fluorescent.
In summer, when the sun in Hawaii goes from dawn to dusk, I don't even have to think about how much electricity I consume.In winter, the day is relatively short, when there are more cloudy days, I have to turn off the main power switch before going to bed, and then turn it back on after sunrise.The refrigerator was on the "coast" all night and the food in the morning was still quite cold.
The thing I'm having trouble with is if I have to deal withCloudy days for 2 consecutive days or more.Then I need to use back-Up 3,000-A Watt gasoline generator that keeps the house powered and charged with solar cells.This can happen three to four times in winter and almost never in summer.
Unlike solar systems or wind turbines, permanent magnet generators can work 20-4 hours a day, 7 days a week, produce the same amount of electricity during the day and at night, rain or shine.You can use it to charge the battery pack like a solar (but it can be charged around the clock) or you can forget the expensive high batteryMaintain the battery and connect it directly to the circuit breaker panel.I can replace my gasoline solar backup generator with a permanent magnet generator.
When I spent more than $30,000 on a solar power generation system in 1999, I was not aware of the permanent magnet generator.I will need to replace 6 Huge solar cells soon, which will cost $14,000.Like an electric motor, the permanent magnet generator contains moving parts, so it does require a certain amount of regular maintenance due to wear and tear.
A permanent magnet generator running for at least ten years.And, when it finally wears out, as has been discussed, the cost of building (or rebuilding) alternatives is very low.The principle of permanent magnet generator is to attract and reject the poles.
A set of permanent magnets rotate a flywheel and then drive the generator.In short, it uses magnets and magnets to generate permanent power.It will continue to operate even at extreme high temperatures or belowFreezing temperature.
If you think it's all too good, it can't be true, just know that hundreds of these permanent magnet generators have been built around the world, and most of them are running very well.What better evidence can you ask?
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