where can i ride a bull Can i be very rude and ask you this weird question...

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-08-21
where can i ride a bull Can i be very rude and ask you this weird question...
Why don't you consult for your local business, the more Internet marketers I come into contact with, the more confused I am about why they don't consult for at least one local business.Of course, if you're not doing well with something online, that's for sure.Offline consulting is a lot of money, and for me in terms of the amount of work involved, it has a higher ROI than my affiliate.
I consulted two companies (5 in the past, but with the development of my affiliate business, I had to give up some of them and only keep the "well behaved" companies) for £ 500 per month.1000 a month, $1540.How much work do I do?Not much, after my initial keyword study that I redo every few months, I spend about an hour a month and two hours per client.I outsourced the rest.I give each client about 50 OK-Ish links, websites and directories from social profiles, article sites, others, also add content to the site on a regular basis, about 10 articles per month.
Links spread all the way from the main page to new articles, my goal is to hang fruit low and the website has always been stronger.Both the content and the links were outsourced to the people I met on elance.The link is about $50 per month and the content is about $7080.
Then I just have to make a report at the end of each month detailing the ranking, the links and what I did.Traffic on the website is increasing every month, their sales are also increasing, and the ranking is also rising.Instead of trying to make a customer the first place for "plumbing" or anything your customer does, use some smaller phrases like "Birmingham plumbing" to revisit your keywords frequently, add new keywords once implemented.
I remember saying that I do keyword research every 3 months to try to find new opportunities in this industry.I just try to get the results of the top 10 as much as possible.OK for small phrases-Ish links are good enough (directorys, social bookmarks, article sites), just don't do it too fast, spread anchor text and spread target destinations up to 50 per month.
Hope you find this interesting, keep email some companies and tell them that you can get them more sales from the Internet.Don't start to get annoying, say you can get them links to page rank 1, etc
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