where can i ride a bull Bangalore To Ooty Road trip- A complete guide

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where can i ride a bull Bangalore To Ooty Road trip- A complete guide
Sightseeing on the way from Bangalore to Orty sometimes we all need to get a refreshing revival trip from the choking chaos of the crowded city we live in.Road travel is only a solution to this dilemma.Friends are all tied up in a car and all of you are creating new memories of joy, which makes you new.
If you ignore the busy pace of life, endless traffic jams and other problems that bother you, there are a lot of benefits in Bangalore.The added benefit is that we are only a short drive from some of the best Hill stations in the country.You have Coonoor, Munnar, Coorg and Ooty, just a stone's throw from this bustling big city of Bengaluru!With the long weekend coming next week, let's put all the idle brain cells into work and plan a road trip away from here.
What better place to ride or drive than Ooty?Cold, fresh air, fresh, crispy carrots and hair --Driving through the hairpin bend will stop you from worrying about those city issues.Whether you're driving to Ooty or cycling, there are two routes from Bangalore to Ooty.The first one will take you through Mysore (road A/SH17) and the other through Kanakapura and Chamarajanagar (road B ).
Before you enter Tamil Nadu and proceed to Ooty, both routes eventually join Gundlupet, a border town in Karnataka.Now you will cover a distance of about 300 kilometers.Therefore, it is better to provide yourself with enough food and water, as you may not encounter many restaurants considering that you will be crossing the forest area.
Next, we continue to tell you all the attractions you can see on your way to Ooty, as there are not a few kittens and the road trip is worth it.Route A: through Mysore: If you take the route through Mysore and you plan on sightseeing in Mysore, then you can stop and see the world-famous Mysore Palace.Another interesting thing is the magnificent Filomena church built in Gothic architectural style.
If you like temples, there are Chamundi temples on the top of the mountain.Traveling on the winding hills, you can see the beautiful scenery of the city, and you can also see a huge bull statue called Mysore and Nandi at the age of 350, it is one of the oldest monuments in India, not to mention the third, 16 feet high and 24 feet long.Originally a boulder, Nandi's image was carved in the same place, just behind it was a small cave temple dedicated to Shiva.
Once you 've finished your tour of Mysore, you'll be able to travel to Ooty via South Pass on route nh212.Nanguan is a historic pilgrimage city about 25 kilometers from Mysore city.It is definitely worth a visit to the temple of South jundeshvara, known as "dakshinna Kasi" or "wallanasi in the South", as the Temple is in its Dravidia architectural styleSpend some time by the river and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.
Then continue to travel 38 kilometers on the NH212 until you reach the border town of Gundlupet.The road on both sides is dotted with sunflowers and longevity chrysanthemum fields, providing a veritable feast for your eyes --sight!Gundlupet has a Vijaynagara Temple, which is very famous. Other attractions include Himavad Gopalaswamy betta and Parvathy betta.
By the way, fighting fish means Hill.
The opinion of Himavad Gopalaswamy betta is certain to die, because of the thick fog, you feel like you are floating in the clouds.You can also visit the temple.It's totally a dream come true for a hiker and you're closest to the cloud.Now, we officially leave Karnataka and after about 20 kilometers you enter the Bandipur forest area.
Surrounded by the Kabini River and the Moyal River;Through the angry Valley River, some endangered animal and plant species are alive in the protected environment here.The advice here is, don't whistle if you see a bunch of wild elephants!They will not treat it as kindly as your city commuter.Make way for wild animals as you are now on their turf.
Finally, don't stop to take pictures no matter what happens!Bandipur is a tiger sanctuary where they conduct jungle hunting at 6 every day.30am and 4.30pm.If you want to experience wilderness accommodation, they have jungle lodge and other accommodation options.Stop for something to eat at pugmark in Bandipur.
You will arrive at a checkpoint after which you will officially not be in Karnataka and have entered Tamil Nadu.Then you continue on the highway for about 25 kilometers to reach the mudamale Tiger Reserve.This is the same forest range as Bandipur, but on the Tamil Nadu side.
Their jungle tour ends at 9.
If you are really lucky, you may find a leopard or Bengal tiger in these places.In the Forest section between 21: 00 and 06: 00, the movement of vehicles is limited, so plan your trip accordingly.Checkpoints are on both sides of the border.
They park and check to collect details (such as travel itinerary, vehicle certificates, etc ).Guards on the border Tamil Nadu side are more likely to check your luggage as you enter the state.You should not carry any prohibited items (guns!Why did you take a vacation with you in the first place?) Entering the forest;More importantly, they are worried that tourists will carry white wine.
So beware!After crossing the state of Tamil Nadu, you arrive at a place called Theppakadu, a junction.Theppakadu has the research and training of the elephant camp for the capture of thick skin animals.About twenty-Five elephants are part of the camp, and these gentle giants are trained in pleasure rides and timber logging.
On Saturday and Sunday nights, elephants play games, play football and dance.Devala is a picturesque valley about 20 kilometers away, the third highest rainfall in India.The misty pine forest greets you on the way, a treat for the eyes accustomed to seeing smoke and smoke.
You should risk a little bit of quiet time and photos inside and fill your lungs with sharp, clean air on the mountain.There are several viewing points on the highway ahead, and Needle Rock and Frog Mountain offer stunning views of the forest cover, perfect for your naturalist to take more photos.There are two routes from this point to Ooty.
A route will take you through Masinagudi, which is short but full of steep climbs and thrilling journeys through the hairpin bend (36 of them!).The other is through gudale, a regular bus route to Ooty.If you are an inexperienced driver and are not used to the narrow ghat road, be sure to avoid masinagudí Road.
Not for timid people!But it's a paradise for hikers, and if you do some exploring in the game, it's full of resorts and family accommodations.Before you enter the town of Ooty, both routes meet about 6 kilometers.Other attractions not to be missed on the way: Lake Pykara and the falls have a protected shola forest reserve and the Toda tribal settlement that forms the periphery of Mukurthi National Park.
The park was created primarily to protect Neil giritaher, and leisure tours are not allowed, and specialized groups are allowed to hike and camp on peaks.Upper Lake Bhavani and the dam are mostly untouched habitats surrounded by dense foliage from shola forest.Then there is the Avalanche Lake, the preferred location for camping and the base for hiking on nearby hills.
You can also fish trout here with supplies from the trout hatchery.Route B: via Kanakapura: from Bangalore, you can take Kanakapura Road and exit NICE Road.Along the way to Chamarajanagar, which is basically nh209.
You will arrive through the small towns called murlevoli and Kollegal Chamarajanagar.From there you will take the transfer Gundlupet.From Gundlupet, you arrive at Ooty on the route mentioned above.
This route is usually free, but unlike Route A, the road on this route is not as good and not as wide.It's an extension of loneliness and there's not much to see, eat or drink.But it's a pretty good drive, and if Ooty is the only thing you're interested in, the cyclists can choose this option.
But in any case, it's all about the journey, not the destination.So pause from your life and stop rushing to your final goal.You will arrive at our destination sooner or later.
Stop on the road to smell the flowers and fresh air.Live a little life at a time!Throw those nasty concerns to the wind and have a little fun.Having said that, we offer some exciting offers at Ooty cottages for our weekend trip to Ooty.
So what are you waiting for, pack your clothes, fill the tank, pick up the phone, call Ooty and ask for a 8880924391 custom package
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