where can i ride a bull are we spiritual beings or physical beings?

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-11-14
where can i ride a bull are we spiritual beings or physical beings?
Each of us is a spiritual being.
We are also material.
Can we do two things at the same time?
Yes, we can. we are.
So what do both mean?
As spiritual beings, we live in a physical body.
Therefore, we are prone to physical problems, such: love, fear, anger, dishonesty, insecurity, illness, heartbreak, depression, fatigue, thoughts of suicide and other diseases of the body itself.
Our hearts are the center of our physical self, and our emotions control all other areas of our physical self.
If our emotions are not healthy, it will affect our mental state and, in turn, our physical state. It causes dis-
Relax in our bodies.
If our body is not healthy, then our spiritual self will also be affected.
If we focus only on being a spiritual being and ignore our physical self, our physical self will suffer a lot.
Being a spiritual being does not prevent our bodies from being affected by everyday problems.
But if we develop our spiritual self, then it will help us cope with the disease of our physical self.
Although we are spiritual beings, this does not mean that we always act in the highest alignment of the spiritual self.
Our blueprint is already a blueprint of spiritual existence, but it is not just the end, we do not need extra work.
We need to work hard on our spiritual self.
But what do we do?
This is done by first studying our mental state, which is part of the body's self.
Since emotions are the center of our physical self, why not study emotions first?
This is because our emotions are the deepest part of us. to reach them, we need to deal with ourselves layer by layer, otherwise we will be overwhelmed.
As our emotions affect our mental state, we first need to start to change our thoughts about ourselves and our lives.
When we start to change our minds, we start to feel better about ourselves.
We start to be more loving to ourselves, which in turn leads us to be more loving to others.
Our hearts are the coffers of our emotions.
To get close to them, we need to cross the river, climb mountains, ride wild bulls across the terrain, and then cross the moat before receiving the key to open the castle.
Then you go down several winding stairs to the precious vault.
I don't have to tell you about the thick doors that protect the vault that hasn't been opened for years.
Once you start working on your mental state, this will lead to a healing of your emotions and your spiritual self will begin to improve and become stronger.
Be forewarned that working on your spiritual and emotional self can be overwhelming while working on your spiritual self.
The process is also very painful.
Work in a small area at once.
The benefits of this struggle are worth it.
When you walk on your own path
Development and Transformation
Birth, always remember, birth is painful, but it will lead to the emergence of a good life. YOURS!
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