What Kind of Communication is Spam? - where to rent a mechanical bull

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-13
What Kind of Communication is Spam?  -  where to rent a mechanical bull
What kind of communication is spam?
You might think this is a ridiculous issue, but unfortunately many people don't admit that there is good communication with spam.
Recently, a colleague told me that her husband was in the course of online marketing.
The main point of the course is how to buy thousands of lists with very little money and then how to send spam from these people. I was shocked.
My colleagues think this is a good idea.
What do you think?
Maybe most of us are smart enough to realize that my colleague's husband is learning spam technology.
But how many of you have posted a LinkedIn discussion topic, doing nothing but sharing information about your latest service?
How many of you have automatic
The responder on Twitter said, "Thank you for following me.
Look at my stuff?
It's also spam and bad communication.
What is good communication and what is spam?
Here are some general guidelines: spam happens when you provide something to someone they don't ask.
When you answer someone's questions and share valuable information, good communication will happen whether it's yours or someone else.
Spam happens when you post content to the discussion so that you can be visible to yourself.
Good communication happens when you post a real question on the discussion board and talk to others. •Spam is one-way.
Good communication is two. way.
Spam offended us because it assumed we didn't know what we needed.
Good communication includes us, listening to our needs. •Spam talks.
Good communication and listening.
Spam is deleted and marked as spam.
Good communication creates trust, builds relationships, and finally some kind of transformation.
Next time you start posting discussions on LinkedIn or posting status updates on Facebook, ask yourself, Is this spam or good communication?
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