What Is It You Do? - where to rent a mechanical bull

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-12-15
What Is It You Do?  -  where to rent a mechanical bull
How many times have we asked this question?
How many times have we tripped over the response? Let’s see. . .
I provide financial services to the elderly. . .
Or I'm a research analyst at the University.
The main problem I have with my clients as a coach is to understand what they have done and why.
Most of us know what we do, but it's another thing to say in a way that attracts people.
I rarely meet a person in a Web campaign, who or she says in a way that attracts me what he or she has done.
Usually I have to figure out how to get engaged with this person.
Or even worse, when they say what they do, it becomes bland.
I don't know what to say next.
In contrast, our goal should be to tell people what we should do quickly in order to reach their interests and engage them in the conversation.
Here are some tips I 've learned about developing your fast elevator speech in an engaging way.
* Focus on the benefits that your product or service offers.
I am not saying that I am a finance manager but saying: "I help people make money by investing.
"What have you done and others may benefit from it?
One of my colleagues said: "I help businesses turn sales into money.
* When you say what you do, say it with passion.
Important words are emphasized.
Recently at a workshop I had participants tell me what they did.
A lady described in detail how she could find the right job for the right person.
When I challenged her to think about the benefits and emphasize the words, she made a new description of her service.
Now she said, "I'm a match-maker.
I associate the perfect person with the perfect job.
"In her words, the excitement of her new elevator promotion.
She said, "I'm a match --maker.
I associate the perfect person with the perfect job.
Your goal is not to say everything, but to get involved.
You want people who talk to you to ask you all the questions
Important questions
How did you do it?
Basically, you want people to ask you questions.
Remember your target market.
Many entrepreneurs do not want to limit their markets.
I have clients who tell me that they don't want to create a niche market because it limits the scope of their services.
In fact, the goal is exactly what it says.
This is where you aim.
If you do, you may run into another place.
But your goal is your goal.
What does this mean?
I have a client who ends up shrinking her goals to provide guidance for people in a religious setting.
She can focus on developing group coaching, workshops, written materials and a variety of other materials for the target population.
However, it doesn't matter if someone outside the religious group wants her service.
Recently, a skilled salesperson defined the concept of "land and expansion" for me.
"Once you land on the door with your feet, you can expand.
The key is landing!
In the 20 th century, William Osler was one of the most outstanding teachers and writers in the field of medical education.
He was a great doctor and paved the way for many young doctors.
Before his death, he told his friends what he wanted to be remembered --
It's not his medical findings, it's not a textbook he wrote.
Instead, he said, "I teach medical students in the ward.
This is his goal and his elevator speech. What’s yours?
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