What Causes Wood Floor Coating to Bubble or Blister? - where to buy bubble soccer

by:JOY Inflatable     2019-10-29
What Causes Wood Floor Coating to Bubble or Blister?  -  where to buy bubble soccer
The wood floor coating may blister or blister for various reasons.
The coating on the floor is placed on the wood to increase the gloss and a layer of protection.
The coating is a varnish that is resistant to wood, but may not be waterproof and does not adapt to the weather.
If water or excess heat is formed in a room, the wood is distorted, causing the coating to bubble, forming an ugly blistering and wax look.
When small bubbles appear in the expansion area of the Varnish, the wood floor will bubble;
Similar to blisters on human skin.
Extreme temperatures, especially in a warm southern climate, lack of varnish can cause blisters.
The precise holes on the finish that are not properly applied cause blistering.
The blistering on the wood floor may also be caused by the dilution solvent evaporation too fast or the addition of excessive accumulation of the solvent remaining in the finish.
From the manufacturing point of view, the blistering on the wood floor is caused by trapped gas during the processing of wood manufacturing, resulting in blisters on the surface coating forming on the wood.
If baked at too high a temperature, these gases are trapped in the substrate and discharged through the coating.
Low or slow temperature
The evaporation solvent may mitigate the blistering of the coating during the manufacturing process, rather than the rapid
Evaporation solvent.
For consumers and homeowners of wood blistering, the solution is to polish the wood, at the temperature of use-
Waterproof varnish, strong adaptability.
After the varnish is polished, stains can be applied on the wood. Adding high-
Replace low resin with molten resin
Before applying shellac to Wood, melting the resin onto shellac can stabilize the varnish coating. High-
When dry, the molten resin can prevent the varnish from foaming or foaming.
The owner should always use the temperature-
Paint-resistant products when painting wooden floors.
Families and business owners need to take appropriate precautions when using certain paint chemicals or corrosive beauty products.
The floor should be properly covered when working on a home project.
Corrosive substances spilled over the painted wood floor may cause blistering or blistering.
Caustic substances are acidic chemicals of any type, or chemicals that damage the surface of the wood when exposed.
Certain beauty products, such as nail polish remover, contain acetone and may damage the wood floor and its coating if spilled.
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