Wedding Marquee - An Alternative Wedding Venue - marquee

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-15
Wedding Marquee - An Alternative Wedding Venue  -  marquee
Wedding tents can give your wedding the flexibility and talent that the indoor venue cannot provide.You can hold weddings anytime, anywhere.So express yourself and let your wedding reflect your own personal style.Choosing a tent for your wedding can be an inspiring thing.
The selection box allows you to select the normal wedding reception venue, which will limit your choice and freedom.With tents, you can always choose to have a wedding anywhere.You are also free to choose your decoration, catering provider and express your personality and personal style for the event.
There are very different types of Marquis to choose from.Perhaps a silk-lined wall, a hard polished floor, and a tent spread around fairy lights will suit your style.For that soft and romantic feel, you can choose a tent or tent with no side walls and wear silk on the beach in the breeze, on the beautifully trimmed lawn or at sunset.
Another type of tent you can choose from is the event booth.The structure of the event Pavilion is more stable and more suitable for certain weather conditions.When it comes to Marquis, they are definitely quality choices.
There are many options for the event Pavilion.A fully clear pavilion will be beautiful and you can see the stars on your special night.You can choose a solid side wall to protect your privacy, or you can see a little sunshine, or you can see the beautiful location of your wedding or event.
When decorating tents or event halls, insist on using classic white or ivory for decoration.Maybe you can choose the decoration that matches your color theme or bridesmaid dress.Round tables still work best in wedding tents as they are the most social table arrangement.
They promote more social atmosphere between guests.The lights in the tent can vary from fairy lights, spotlights to candle lights.Candlelight is the most natural, soft and romantic light.
Another option for lighting is the lantern, which can add a light to your wedding, or the chandelier can be hung on your tent to prepare for a more elegant and sophisticated event.For the perfect dining table center, remember that simplicity is the best considering the surroundings around you.When it comes to the candle holder in the center of the table, you may consider the height and size.
Marquees has a variety of sizes and shapes to suit the number of guests you want, the type of entertainment and the graphic.By choosing the wedding selection box, you can only be limited by your own imagination.So whether you choose a wedding tent or an event booth, your wedding will be a truly romantic moment.
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