Valiant Hearts Walkthrough, Chapter One, Part Two: Neuve-Chapelle to Ypres - see-saw

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-10
Valiant Hearts Walkthrough, Chapter One, Part Two: Neuve-Chapelle to Ypres  -  see-saw
Freddy was angry for the love he lost, but he was not the only one who suffered.The emir was wounded in the battle, captured by the Germans, working as a chef in one of their camps.This is a depressing atmosphere.But at least one member of the German army is willing to cross the border.
he just has four legs.
..(Yes, I may have missed a project or two.
This will be corrected once I have a chance to play this game for the second time.Neuve-Chapelle --Back to Emile.He was caught by the Germans and offered them food.Head right.-You will find a water pump nearby and a doctor with a dog next to it.
Turn the wheel on the right side of the pump and move the doctor away.Continue left.-You're in a small building now.Sit on the ground.Upon completion, pull the VAT near the frame to trigger the cut scene.-Push the VAT to the right until it sits on the fire sign.
Then turn the wheel to the left of the VAT.Next, pull the lever near the door.Finally, pull the chain next to VAT.Instant meal.-Pull VAT outside.Cut scene...and...-You're a dog now.Release Emile as prompted.You can always jump back to the dog in the same way.-Slam the entrance to the collapse of the building.
Once outside, drag the soldier trapped under the debris to your right.-Go to the right and grab a bottle while walking.Emile will be blocked by shells.Use the bottle to knock a handle from the tree next to the cannon, then jump to the dog and ask him to retrieve the handle.
Use it on the lever near the bullet to move them.-There's a puzzle ahead.Keep going until you find a small storage space.Pull the big guns out of here and drag them to see-See you come here through the platformFast running platform to free-Wall frame close to lever.
Use it to raise the dog to the highest platform and step on itself as it passes.-Run to the end of the platform.You will see a small hole in the ledge of a snow field, next to the ladder.Jump in front of the dog and order him to enter the hole and climb down the ladder.
The dog will meet you on the ground.
-Right is the mound.
Take it up, dig it down, and break through a trench underground.-Head right.There was a pile of soil scattered around the shell in front.Ignore it -They will blow you up.But climb the ladder..-Go right and hit the wall out.It does not move to the right until the dog notices a small mound.
Let him dig a bone.
He grabbed the bone from his hand and returned to the trench tunnel.Throw the bones on the ladder above the entrance and climb up..Don't go any further, or you will be bombed.
-Go back to the ground and catch the bones from the dog again.Throw it at the bombThe scattered wall on the right can pass safely.-In addition to the bombs, there is a huge dirty wall.
Dig straight forward, then dig up to the right..Continue digging and running.-Cut scene.Oh dear.Port Arthur --Back to the burly AmericanGo to the right before you get a machine gun shot.Hide behind the nearest obstacle, then smash it out and keep running when the machine gun stops.
-At the top of the next ridge you will find some soldiers under fire.Run straight forward until you find the barbed wire.Go through quickly and move on.You have little time before more bullets hit your head.
You can find the cover nearby-Wait for the bullet to fade, then slam the obstacle and continue.So is the next obstacle.-You will find a trench.Just before going in.-Inside, you will find a soldier asking you to help him with the explosives.Take out a bundle of two sticks from the right box and throw it to him, then turn the wheel to the right and let him move a space up.
Throw him three.
Insist on binding this time.
Turn the wheel again and throw him two more-stick bundle.-After completion, hit the piston left to detonate the explosives.This will create a road to the German Tower.
Keep climbing.
..tense moment;Quickly reach the gun at the top and aim at the entire battlefield on the moving tractor...-...and bam!Saved.Snip twice.Ypres --There is natural gas ahead.Send the emir and he will die soon.Close enough, you can see the lever on the other side of the gas and ask the dog to turn it off.-Follow the soldiers.The dog will notice a dig point near Freddy.
Dig down and descend through the Earth into a hidden future.-There are two levers below.Pull down the bar once, then pull up the bar once..Climb back and hit the rising bar for the second time.
Jump in front of the dog and order him to go to the box and drop the box again.Climb down and command the dog to pull off the switch.Through the tunnel at the bottom.-Chlorine gas!Insidious.Start running all the way to the right and climb up the mine car your way.
Sit on the ground.
-Grab the mine car on the right and push it to the left until it's next to the box you rode before.Ask the dog to lift the box on the chain, push the cart below, and then drop the box again.Pull the two boxes back to the room with the generator and put them on the gray little elevator on the left side of the generator.
Hit the lever next to it and move the pipe above back into place.-Now you have to overload the generator.Turn the revolver so that the pipe is fed back into the generator.The intersection on the right needs to be up and right, while the intersection on the left needs to be down and right.
-The head of the right wheel.
You need to turn it so that the left intersection above you faces right and down, while the right intersection faces left and up.You can make the above connection with the wheel;The dog must move the lower connection to the appropriate position through the upward lever.-The generator climbed the ladder as soon as it blew.
Once back outside, head off and stay away from the soldier's March to find a dig point for the dog..-Run right.As the bomb begins to fall, continue to run, and then slam the wall ahead.You will end in another cave.on the ground.-Slam the debris to the far right and find a basket.
Then bring the basket back to the rope on the left.Command the dog to enter the basket and then hit the lever on the ground to lift it to a higher platform.-Command the dog to catch the bone here and put it back in the basket to catch the bone.
Knock the rope ladder on the right with the bone.Wait for the dog to take the bone back and then order it back into the basket and raise it to the upper level.Climb up and grab the bone again and use it on the handleThere is less leverage to bring Freddy to you.
-He will cut off the barbed wire in front of him immediately.Leave the ground, then run, run, dig, run more
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