Using a marquee for your wedding venue - marquee

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-15
Using a marquee for your wedding venue  -  marquee
Are you getting married soon?Have you ever thought about using a tent as your venue?Renting a tent can be a great option to have a permanent venue.If you ask me, then the advantage of using the tent is greater than the disadvantage, for example, the tent can be erected in most places as long as the surface of the installation allows.An ordinary space that can be assembled has a piece of grass available anywhere, whether it's a lawn, a field, or even a cricket ground, which really makes no difference, because if the space is large enough, then there is no limit, because the tent can be easily anchored to the ground by passing the wooden pile through the allocated leg board, or in the tradition, with a rope.
As long as it can be installed safely and reliably, do not let the terrace, yard or other concrete type surfaces, which may mean drilling into the concrete and fixing the structure in place.In addition to the fact that clearspan marques are removable, another advantage is that they are modular, which means that they can be manufactured in a size that meets your needs.Made into items including dance floor, music and bars.
The company in charge of your tent calculates the size needed to fit everything, and since the size is clearly limited, brick and mortar sites may not be available.After deciding that you need a tent for your event, then you need to solve the internal problem.A clear-Span box selection as the standard for frame and canvassing structure unless you get the pre-Make packages from the company you work.
The things you need to consider are as follows;Floor, lining, lighting, heating and windows.Below we will do a simple understanding of each aspect.Floor as basic setting-You may want to keep the ground in the tent bare and let your guests walk on the surface on which it is erected, whether it is grass or concrete.
For events such as charity parties, garden parties, low-key events, this may be perfectly OK.However, for a larger occasion like a wedding or anniversary, it is usually a good idea to choose some kind of carpet or mat.The lining is an extra material hanging on the ceiling and walls, like a curtain, which, in my opinion, greatly improves the visual effect and creates a larger, complete feeling.
The main event to use them is the wedding, and if you are attending a grand wedding, then you may have witnessed the wedding as there are very few weddings without it.The typical color is usually ivory white, and then can be matched with the color theme of the bride and groom with colored valances or sw.The number of Valances is huge, which means you can have almost any color you want.
As an enhancement to the liner, you have the option to add a Starlight liner that consists of black folds and hundreds of LEDs pass through the back to present the night sky.These help to create a brilliant atmosphere and provide an amazing factor for your event.Heating Self-Explanatory, the heating section should be informed by the tent company that, given the guest's number and the size of the tent, they can tell you the correct heater to meet your needs.
You may have a couple of options, but in general they do similar work and are usually blocked from sight, so it drops to the price given in the quote.Windows legacy structures may not have any window sections in the canvas, so this option is no longer available, but for new modern structures like clear-You can combine the window sections to see the view from inside the tent and enable natural light.The invention of these more modern structures brings different dimensions to the box-selection industry, as it means individuals are now able to use more remote places as an amazing wedding venueBecause as long as they have a vision, they can be transformed into a magnificent venue to meet the full requirements of their customers.
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