Uses of Carnauba Wax - inflatable palm tree

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-03-25
Uses of Carnauba Wax  -  inflatable palm tree
Many people may not know, but in daily life they may use products containing Brazilian palm wax.
This natural wax is widely used in various industries, including the food industry.
This science-themed article provides some information and lists the same different uses.
Palm Island of Brazil.
It is also often referred to as the Queen of wax, which is harvested only in Brazil.
The Savannah in northeast Brazil has Brazilian palm trees.
Because of its many useful products, it is also known as the "Tree of Life" in the region ".
It secreted wax in hot and dry weather conditions to protect the leaves from harm.
Then get the wax from the leaves.
What is done is that the leaves are cut off first and kept dry in the sun.
After that, they were beaten to relax the wax and process it further.
It exists in a pure state, hard yellow to brown flakes, and after processing, the wax is eventually shaped into pieces for commercial use.
It is one of the hardest natural wax, and its melting point (82 °c to 86 °c) is much higher than other wax.
Its melting point is also much higher than that of beeswax (62 ° c to 64 ° c.
This highly durable wax consists mainly of long ester
Chain mellow and sour.
Besides, it is not only very hard, but also very brittle.
This is why it is sometimes used in combination with other wax.
Today, the wax has been greatly replaced by cheap synthetic materials;
However, it is still produced and used in many parts of the world.
This wax is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automobile and other industries.
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