Types of Insulation - fireproof

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Types of Insulation  -  fireproof
Here we explain the three main categories of thermal insulation: bulk, reflective and sound insulation, and further varieties of thermal insulation in these categories.
Any material that prevents the transmission of heat, electricity or sound is called an insulator, and this process is called insulation.
There are three types of general classification: bulk, reflective and sound insulation.
Bulk is the most widely used.
They are used as thermal insulators.
The house made of this insulation material is millions of micro
There is air in the pocket.
Since the air is a poor thermal conductor, it provides an insulating effect.
This is why it is recommended not to compress these materials.
There are some sub types: slats and blankets, rigid plates, loose plates
Fill, spray foam.
They are pumped, blown or manually placed into the insulation area.
There are many types of materials used for this, for example-
Glass wool (fiberglass): This is a flexible mat made of fiberglass by melting the glass material and spinning it into fine fibers.
Their main advantages are the ease of forming and installation.
However, care must be taken to avoid compressing them and they cannot be exposed to moisture.
Rockwool: it is essentially fiber, made of melted volcanic rock, and later spun.
It is mainly used for heat insulation, but its excellent sound absorption performance is also used for sound insulation.
More expensive than glass wool.
Natural Wool: this is made of wool obtained from sheep.
Natural wool is fire-resistant but vulnerable to moths.
Polyester: this is made of polyester, similar in performance to wool, but without irritation, and no physical or health hazard. These arexa0most-
Preferred typexa0It is used to provide insulation for walls and ceilings.
Extruded polyester: a rigid board made of enclosed battery polystyrene, not only waterproof, but also high compressive strength.
It can be used with flame retardant, but it itself is not fire-proof and should not be installed where it is easy to catch fire. Foil-
Surface expanded polystyrene: these are rigid plates of polyester beads with reflective foil on both sides.
These are not water.
Low Compression Resistance. Loose-
This is made by blowing loose fibers or fiber particles into a wall cavity or attic using specially designed equipment.
It is usually more expensive than the batt type.
However, since it can fill corners and gaps, thus reducing air leakage, it provides better sound insulation than The batt type. Types of loose-fill -
Cellulose fiber: made from waste paper to fine fiber.
Installation is much cheaper than other bulk installations.
Granular rock wool: it is a granular loose.
The filling form of rockwool, in addition to the need for waterproofing, has similar properties to rockwool.
Natural wool is also used for looseFill insulation.
This type usually contains two-
Make the polymer (such as polyurethane or modified polyurethane) into liquid together with the foaming agent.
This foaming liquid uses a nozzle to spray into a cavity on a wall, ceiling, or floor.
The polymer has the properties of expansion, millions of small air with expansion
Filled cells occupy every corner and gap in the cavity.
Only professionals with special equipment can mix and spray foam correctly.
This type is mainly made of metal plates made of reflective materials such as aluminum foil laminating materials.
It can minimize the absorption and emission of heat rays by reflecting the heat radiation that hits its shiny surface.
This is most effective when used with a layer of still air.
Some of the insulation materials mentioned can also be used for sound insulation purposes.
Bulk insulation, especially materials with a large density like wool, has ideal sound absorption performance.
The sound insulation energy of any insulating product is measured by an index called an acoustic transmission level (STC.
The higher the STC value, the greater the sound insulation capacity.
The blanket type set directly under the metal roof also absorbs external noise.
In order to make your home, office, etc. better, it is very important to choose the type that best suits you.
More comfortable.
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