Tornado BR 400 Floor Equipment Information - inflatable balls you can get inside

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-02-11
Tornado BR 400 Floor Equipment Information  -  inflatable balls you can get inside
Tornado BR 400 is one of the most versatile car washers sold today.If you are looking for the Ultimate Series automatic scrubber, please don't look again.The BR 400 automatic board machine is small in size but powerful enough to complete any cleaning task.
The BR 400 is only 17 inch high and 15 inch wide and is one of the best cleaning machines under tables and shelves.This tornado flooring device is wired with a power supply of 115 V.Beautiful little things for this machine use a cylindrical brush, and there are many accessories that can be added.
Space optional accessories include an oil-proof juicer and a variety of brushes so that you can perform multiple tasks.The BR 400 can scrub and polish any floor.Optional brushes include a medium-white hard wipe brush for a uniform floor and a red high-low slurry brush for cleaning tiles.
Gray sand brushes can be purchased as accessories for heavy scrubbing.The BR 400 comes with a 50 feet wire to extend the cleaning range.The machine uses the brush pump and extrusion system to moisten the floor, scrub the floor, and then dry the floor.
This small tornado automatic washer can clean up the path of 16 inch, including a 2.1 gallon solution and 2.6 gallon recycling tank.The larger vacuum motor can even dry the most humid floors quickly.The BR 400 works in both forward and reverse situations, and is characterized by the fact that the padding pressure can be adjusted for uneven floors.
The brush can be replaced quickly, making it one of the most versatile flooring equipment sold today.This machine is made of high quality materials and can do the hardest job.The brush works on a consistent 1000 RPMs, which makes it the perfect machine to clean the dirtiest floors.
With a dual extrusion system, the BR 400 can pick up water both forward and backward.The removable water tank makes it an easy task to empty and refill the unit.The height of the machine can be easily adjusted to clean different types of floors.
Thanks to all duel switches, this device can be easily used with any one hand.This automatic washer is a valuable tool to clean small areas or enter between shelves or obstacles.The BR 400 can be used on surfaces such as tiles, bricks, concrete and rubber floors.
The unit is suitable for almost all environments such as school, retail, kitchen, entrance passage and car repair facilities.This unit is only 66 pounds square meters and can be easily transported by small car or van.The device folds neatly and quickly eliminates the need for large storage areas.
This machine is the perfect tool for detail cleaning, easy to use and well designed.Overall, this machine has to be purchased for any cleaning contractor who wants value and versatility.Tornado BR 400 can be purchased at local tornado dealers or online on many flooring equipment websites.
Pricing from $3000-$4000, but worth it.
The machine was rebuilt after repair and tornado parts can be easily bought online or at local stores.Replaceable brush price from $250-$300 per set for an average of about six months.The Juicer is cheap and easy to replace.Of all the leading manufacturers of flooring equipment, tornadoes seem to have the best small series of car washers.
.And how to choose the right floor machine for your floor
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