The Surrender of the Ego - meltdown

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-18
The Surrender of the Ego  -  meltdown
On the way to enlightenment, a necessary step is to give up the self.When the self gives in to the will of God, you become a spiritual force.Almost everyone knows people who claim to be "know everything.
"These people are never wrong and rarely take advice and they will do anything to defend it once they come forward.They are perfectionists at best.In the worst case, they may become paranoid as they try to avoid mistakes by reinterpreting events that otherwise put them in a negative mood.Most people with great self are quite successful.
Their followers touch their self, which makes it difficult for them to deal.When trouble comes, the temptation is to sit down and wait for "autumn", gloating when "he gets what he deserves."But when you meet such a person, try not to be too harsh on him.
The universe is giving him a dramatic lesson in the hope of pushing him forward in spiritual evolution.His ego is about to be shattered, but he will be better for it once he recovers.I saw this recently.Mr.Perfection is a detail-oriented businessman who cannot represent others and dismisses advice.
He was directing a project that was heading towards disaster, but refused all forms of help.At the last moment, he was "ordered" to receive help.A very talented person.Assistant, came in at the last minute but could not save the project.
Everyone involved commented on Mr.
The assistant has already done it.
How lucky is Sir?It's perfect to have him on his team as they move forward.Mr.There are different views from Perfect.Instead of accepting any mistakes that the project failed, he argued that he would succeed without himHelper.To make matters worse, he issued an ultimatum: either he or Mr.
The helper is leaving.
No one can persuade him to give up his irrational position.Mr.The assistant is running the project now.Mr.The desire for perfection is right, which drives him to "cut off his nose, despite his face.\ "In Trump's view, all the logic, including himselfinterest.
But from a mysterious point of view, this is completely logical and inevitable.The Mystic recognizes that conquering the self is a necessary step towards enlightenment.Remember, the goal of the Mystic is to communicate directly with God.
As you tune daily with your inner divine face or master, your goal is ultimately to align your will With God's will.To do this completely, the ego must surrender.Giving up self does not mean that you become a meek doormat that will incur abuse.
On the contrary, you become a spiritual force when the self gives in to the will of God.You become fearless because, in fact, you are now speaking in the voice of God.On the other hand, the ego is not interested in getting your full spiritual potential.
Self wants to control everything.
It will create a variety of rationales to maintain its own power and to prevent such a shift.This is similar to a politician rationalizing why he supports a bill that does not serve the best interests of his constituents."If I don't vote, then the next guy will vote and then I won't fight for my constituents when a more important issue comes up.
"That's the difference between politicians and leaders.For a person who is highly successful in life, it may be more difficult to give up self.Star quarterback, rock star, business tycoon or political figure all have secular power.
They have fans, shareholders or followers who worship them.The motto in the Bible is that camels are easier to go to heaven through needles than rich people, if \ "business tycoons," politicians "or" celebrities "are replaced by" rich people.\ "The key is that people who are admired are less willing to give up on themselves than those who have lost much less.
At the same time, as spiritual beings living in the human being, the inner Masters drive all of us to evolve.The final submission of the self is inevitable.If the conscious mind/self does not pay attention, the information becomes larger.
If it is ignored, a tipping point will eventually be reached and a crash will occur.To avoid a crash, consult the owner in-house every day for advice.When your connection becomes strong enough, you are injected with spiritual power.
Others will seek guidance from you, not collapse, because they will recognize that you are telling the truth
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