The Stalingrad at Kursk: The Battle of Ponyri, July 7-10, 1943 - see-saw

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-09
The Stalingrad at Kursk: The Battle of Ponyri, July 7-10, 1943  -  see-saw
It happens where it does.No military value.Tractor FactoryThey try to destroy each other in the long run.Greek mythology.The Germans tried five times to break through the well-defended Russian line of defense, but failed every time.--xa0The German XLI armored forces penetrated Soviet defense positions, traveling fast between roads and railway lines, through the Highlands where Manri was, and then in the direction of Kursk.
The Legion by four division of: Eighteen Division, ten division, eighty-six division, two division.The 78 stum (assault) division of the XXIII Corps protected the left wing of the XLI armored corps and also participated in the battle around Ponyri.From west to east, the attack was led by 292nd and 86 infantry division and 78 Sturm division.
The main armor support is provided by the 90 heavy armor units of the 656 regiment, including the full inventory of these armored monsters.In addition, the 292nd and 86 Sturmpanzer infantry divisions have been stationed on the 216 th Day (corruption consultation Br alimtusmmb alimtusrs) and the 177th and 244 Sturmgesch safanztz brigades.--xa0The armor department on the 18 th carried 72 more conventional vehicles, including 5 Pz II, 10 Pz III kz, 20 Pz III 75, 5 Pz IV k and 101st Armored throwing Corps.
There is a very strong artillery supplement for the 10 th armored Grenadier Division: 7 artillery battalions, a Nebelwerfer Regiment, a heavy mortar battalion and an assault artillery battalion.It became a whirlpool and sucked into more and more troops on both sides.It shows that more than 10,000 people died in this meaningless terrain.
Attack from the NorthThe attack will determine the final result.dug-costs.A complete artillery unit assigned to support the garrison;It was unheard of before.--xa0Commander of the new Soviet Union, major SankowskiThe 152 battery of the 1442nd SP Art regiment assigned to the 13 th Army supported the 307 Rifle Division around The Manili station, when the 41 armored Legion attacked with 200 armored troops.
The leader is the Tiger I of schare Panzer Abteilung 505 and The Borgward BIV remote-controlled deminers tank.It is believed that on this day, the major himself defeated 10 enemy tanks, and in the subsequent three weeks of fighting in Kursk, the battery occupied about 12 tigers and 7 WildSU152 nickname is the result of this unitxa0"Animal Hunter ".Ponyri station is a good place.for-broke, see-Never heard of the world before.
It will be called Stalingrad ".
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