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by:JOY Inflatable     2019-10-28
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At least from a few fancy copies and harsh sounds, you think so. . . . . .
So many people to you. . .
However, the opposite extreme is that you have some websites when the countdown to the end of the world
At least from some fancy copies and headlines that yell at you from so many sites, you will think so.
At the opposite extreme, however, some of your sites don't even have a decent title to attract the attention of visitors, let alone to direct them into charming copywriting to get them sold.
While people's emotions have not changed online in the past 10 years, there is no doubt that the response of consumers and buyers has become more complex in the past 10 years.
In addition, about 43% of online shopping carts are discarded at the point of sale and we have to understand and actively deal with this new buyer complexity.
In short, today's online buyers are wired and Wired.
Unless you understand this and adjust your product accordingly, your headline news is likely to drive away potential customers, instead of attracting them to your copy to take a look or just fool them.
Any of the above extremes are clearly the opposite.
Productive, but not the choice to take a gentle "middle way" of your copywriting or title, here is a reliable fire way to produce a strong gripping copy, it can even make super complex buyers have objections to every word you post.
It will keep them spelled on your page until they execute the marketing action you want --
Either choose to join, click to enter the new page, or make a purchase without dumping your shopping cart.
If you want these results, then use "scarce psychology" and you will soon have these new "complications" under your marketing mantra, and more importantly, let them buy what you sell.
That's how it works. . .
Of course, the basic principle is well known, and it stems from the mature psychological reactions that people make when they are rejected or limited to get what they are strongly eager.
Basically when people are told they can't have what they want more.
As a result, incredibly powerful emotions are released and, under normal circumstances, they continue to drive actions that are often considered irrational.
As marketers, we can take advantage of this almost primitive response (morally of course) and continue selling by bypassing even complex buyer boycotts.
There is a further demo here to show that this is powerful. . .
Imagine tonigts TV news announcing a serious national emergency where gasoline (gasoline) will be strictly rationed to your car for a full tank for a full month. . .
But this ration did not begin until a week later.
However, you are not allowed to store gasoline because it is terrible.
Now I don't know you honorable people, but I almost immediately thought of a picture of my storage room being piled up on the ceiling with a Jerry tank full of gas!
I'm not saying I would do this if it was a real scenario, but I might put a couple of jars aside and of course just for an emergency.
In water pumps and gas stations, Stampede can occur, because the scarcity of psychology will release these deep emotional reactions.
In fact, this happened in the UK two years ago.
Now, let's see if we can insert a mechanism in our title and online copy that immediately triggers the exact same emotional response from those who visit our website.
If we can do that, then all the complex things in the world will not stop our visitors from buying what we sell.
We are looking for a response directly from intuition --
This is not filtered out by complex minds.
This is our goal, the heart is not the head.
We found that the most effective mechanism types are as follows when calling these mood-driven responses. . .
1) in each promotion, strictly limit the number of products you sell, put it in the front of the title or in the first sentence, you can see, and strictly abide by your
If you say you only have 100 widgets to sell, pull the promotion when you reach that point or people will see the whole thing as a facade.
In the UK, the richest providers of sofas and 3-piece suites use the technology very well, although we are all starting to see these "promotional weekend specials" two years later ", so be wise when you use it.
Make your products scarce. .
Because then you have value and desire in the eyes of others.
2) set a time sensitive deadline for real expiration-
Set a deadline for the end of the promotion and, if purchased before that, give a special discount on the product.
Pull promotional titles, ads, lots when you arrive that day.
People will pay attention to what you say and will buy faster next time you set a deadline.
I did it myself, arrived at a website that had expired by the deadline and missed it. next time I pay more attention to their promotion, the website won the reputation in my eyes.
3) limit on the number of recruitment titles-
When recruiting for sales teams, affiliates, etc, use numbers that limit the number of people you want to recruit.
Use the title section, for example, including "We urgently need 5 key people for a new IT project. . . \".
While limiting the opportunities here, you also give everyone a glimmer of hope that they will become one of the "select few" to complete this rare but fairly simple project.
4) bundle additional products, services, customer support with products that they normally can't get, especially from your competitors.
This is also a good way to get affiliate sales.
Your visitors realize that they can't get "extra" from other affiliate sites, so they buy from your affiliate link.
Your product becomes "value enhanced" and in the market where thousands of people do the same, your product is considered valuable because it comes with rare add-ons. Think of it -
You offer fries and main events for free, your competitor is not, who will the buyer go?
5) provide special "in-house access" passes or membership etc for the top 20 respondents, or if your visitors order by the deadline.
You can add value and generate a quick response by limiting the number of members.
And tell people-\". . .
In a few days, our national advertising campaign will take place, and these 20 members may be snapped up within minutes and ordered now to ensure your membership. \" etc.
6) provide dated "future proof" discount voucher for future product launches-
For example, \ "Buy an X widget now at £ 199.
00, you will buy our brand new Y software for 99.
We're at 00 next month.
This is a whole pound.
00 discount Y software retail price of £ 199. 00.
Lock today's discount by buying your X widget now and save yourself a full £ 100. 00.
\ "Then, make this quote more powerful by limiting the number of this" future "offer.
Let's say, "Obviously, we can't offer this offer to everyone, otherwise our profits will be affected in the coming months, but we would like to say a special "thank you" if you buy an X widget as a valuable customer.
So we are willing to give you a very special £ 100.
00 discount for new Y software, but unfortunately for the reasons I mentioned earlier, we can only offer this discount to the top 50 respondents.
Please act now to purchase your X widget and I will be happy to lock your special 100 100.
00 Y software is now discounted
7) show a dramatic visual countdown to increase the sense of scarcity
When running a promotion that limits the purchaser to say 50 books or manuals, special clinics, etc, then count down the sales progress in front of your potential customers.
On the Monday of the promotion, you only have 47 left, 24 after a week, then 12, 7, 3, and so on.
This is very notable and effective in any industry.
When you make your product so scarce, it will disappear in front of the eyes of tourists who want it more.
Now you can insert some javascript code into your page, or pop up to make this "live" countdown look very real and very effective.
8) add value to the product by connecting the celebrity name with the product --
For example, "Aretha Franklin swore to our nutritional vitamin syrup because she said it made her feel like she was seventeen years old and protected her fragile vocal cords so she could be like. .
"The other nutritional syrup is basically the same, but your syrup will be the only one that is used and recognized by celebrities.
It may not be possible to get Aretha Franklin, but with a little imagination, you may be surprised by the people you can work with in this way.
The end of their deal is that they get extra exposure and even get a sales share from the promo you run.
9) work with other relevant business owners to launch a unique "double strike" product --
For example, a professional Landcover manufacturer can do something similar. . .
\ "Order a set of super soft custom leather car seat covers and our friends at alloy wheel King will give you a full set of alloy wheels at a 50% discount.
Obviously this is such an incredible deal and we can only get the top 25 respondents to this promotion and we expect to sell out next Wednesday.
Please book the cover now
Click here \ "NB: You really need to give a deal like this to make this quote disappear from the page --
The above alloy example is not enough to reduce the price by 15%.
If the owner of the "alloy wheel king" feels that there is not enough profit by donating 50% of the alloy, then you would propose to increase his profit by building in some alloys by adding extra "fat" to the price of your "super soft custom leather car cover ".
You get the photo, but remember, the better the quote, the faster it flies.
The best part of this special "double deal" is that you create a very scarce and unique product in your market that your competitors don't have.
Of course, there may be thousands of car seat covers manufacturers, but none of them also bundle premium alloys in their deals.
It will make you stand out in a crowded market, won't it?
Well, it's enough now. I'm sure you understand.
Hopefully this "scarce" mechanism will inspire you to use them in your own titles and across the web copy.
You don't need to be fancy or loud, and you don't need to communicate your message using ways like screaming titles to get serious buyers to read.
If you simply and clearly say that a hungry target market where you know in advance that you want what you have can buy a truly scarce commodity, as your copy continues to make it almost disappear in front of their eyes, you work hard, people don't stop reading, and they order at the end if you do it right. . .
Whether sophisticated or not.
Keep in mind that you have to bypass the complex sales filters in your prospects mind and have them "in the gut", which is one of the best ways --
Try it and like to see what happens.
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