The Pros and Cons of Cob Cottages; Building a Debt Free Home! - fireproof

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-08
The Pros and Cons of Cob Cottages; Building a Debt Free Home!  -  fireproof
How do you want to build a debt-free, cheap, beautiful home that you and your children can enjoy..well forever?Let me introduce you to a building material that has been used for thousands of years, called Cob.You may have seen the cob cottage in the children's fairy tale book.
They covered the landscape of Ireland and dotted the countryside of Europe for thousands of years.In all the economic turmoil we face, I would like to draw your attention to a cheap housing that really changes the lives of a lot of people.Imagine how much progress people would have made if they could build their own house for an average of $10,000 to $15,000!I'm not talking about cardboard houses.
It can completely change our economy!If people don't have the financial burden of mortgages, think about economic prosperity!I think Villa Cob is the best secret.These cabins have been around for hundreds of years (some say thousands), but they are easy to build, can exist forever, and are almost fire-proof.Still, not many people know them, in some places, you may even have a hard time getting a building permit to build a building permit (the agency doesn't want anything that can be built by women and children to last forever ).
So my mission is to spread the most conservative secret of the green building, which is the whimsical Cob cottage.So what are the benefits of Villa Cob?They are cute.If you ever fantasize about having a fairy tale cabin in the woods, you might imagine a cob cabin without knowing it.
Cob villas are those lovely little Hansel and Gretel villas in fairy tale books.They are whimsical and inviting.are not.They can contain many corners and gaps and can be carved into any conceivable shape.Cheap and cheap.How cheap is mud, rock, sand and straw?This is how cheap your house is.
Well, well, you may need to look for and collect the pain and door handle of some windows, but the main building of the house is mud, rocks, sand and straw.You can't buy anything cheaper than this, and most of these ingredients can be found on the land where you build the house!The Cob is not actually't burn.The Cob does not burn because the main ingredients are mud, rock and sand, with some straw thrown inside and completely covered with mud rock and sand.
Have you ever seen mud, rock or sand burn?Yes, that's why the cob house is not burning.Worms don't eat great.For the same reason, the cob cottages will not burn and they will not be eaten by insects.See # 3 above.Warm in winter and cool in summer.They are warm in the winter because the mud, rocks and sand keep the heat long after the water is gone.
For the same reason, they tend to stay cool in the summer because they have excellent heat quality.In fact, the cob has the highest thermal mass ever in any building material.You don't need to have an engineering degree to build one.
They are easy to build, a bit like making huge mud pies.Okay, maybe a little harder than that.But they are easy to build, children can help, and people who are not familiar with the building can build one.Anyone who can step on mud can help build a cob house including the elderly!They are green and completely natural without toxins.
Mud, rocks, straw and sand are the greenest things you can get as far as I know, and you can't get something greener.No chemicals, no led paint, no mold, nothing.Cob is a natural meeting!They have been going on for a long time (some Cob houses have a history of over 900 years ).
People have been building with cob for hundreds of years (some say thousands ).These houses are still there.I want to know how long can our suburban house last?Some modern houses collapsed after 30 years, and the cob house will last for generations and will be easy to repair when they do need it.No special equipment is required to make one.
No, you don't need any fancy equipment.
think about it.
..People built cob Villas back in time without gorgeous equipment, and those houses still stand, which should convince you.You don't need a table saw, hammer or nail, you may be able to build the whole thing yourself, except for the roof.Because the wall is thick and quiet inside.
You can make the wall thick as you like, most people do make it 2 feet thick because the wall is insulated and very quiet.Okay, look at the shortcomings now....It may take a while to build your cob house, especially if there are not many of you.Because you built it yourself and each layer has to be dry, it may take a whole season to build.
.But with all the professionals in mind, I don't think this scam is a big stumbling block and you have to plan well.Also, if you use strawIt will help you build walls faster, not just cob.There are places where you may be in trouble because the municipalities are not familiar with the permit.
I have heard that some municipalities have caused trouble to people because of the cob.This is mainly due to ignorance as there are not many cob villas yet in the US.I think it will change as more and more people get educated about the cob, but before building it is something you have to check.
That's all the flaws.
The Cob homes are so beautiful, they have such great potential for people to be able to build their homes without debt, and I think the benefits of doing so far outweigh the negative.If you don't have a house yet, I hope you will consider building a cob cottage.I am
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