The Gift of Inflatables For my Son - inflatable tent

by:JOY Inflatable     2021-01-31
The Gift of Inflatables For my Son  -  inflatable tent
We bought inflatable toys for my son's 11 th birthday on last May.Great, everyone loves it and has fun all summer.My girl envied him so much that I bought another bounce house from the inflatable maker.
Because my girl is 10 years old, I can't choose SpongeBob or white princess bodyguard for her, so I printed his own photo on the face of the bodyguard, and the size of the bodyguard is 5 m long, 6 m wide, 4.At a height of 5 m, there is also a slide attached to the bouncer area, and there is a fixed velcro that sticks them together.Sometimes I separate them and I think it's morefuncition.
The only problem is that the "receive" pool at the bottom of the slide is not long enough.As several have mentioned, the children hit the last wall with considerable strength.Fortunately, the ankle has not been sprained yet, but it is a concern.
Especially if there is not much water in the pool.For older children (13 years old) it is possible to fly out from the end of the slide, which can be dangerous and has happened once.At the end of the summer, we let it dry, roll it up, put it back in the box, and store it in it all winter.
We put the inflatable castle outside because it was sunny and we bought another inflatable tent and my son said we could do the inflatable wholesaler.Then I went out and put the water slide back.Everything looks great and is full of water.
Until I of children get it almost and he of two.When he slipped into the pool, his bottom hit the ground!"I think I'm too fat," he said.He doesn't even weigh 100.Sometimes, I want to be a detailed person or wholesaler of inflatable products, I import from overseas, China is usually cheaper than other countries, you know in the United States, the price is very expensive compared with other countries, and you know the quality is strictly controlled.
So sometimes I also worry that I can't get good quality and I was told that it's a two year warranty for commercial use and I hope I can trust them about the castle bounce
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