The Foolproof Guide for Growing Mushrooms at Home - where to buy bubble soccer suits

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The Foolproof Guide for Growing Mushrooms at Home  -  where to buy bubble soccer suits
If you really want to reduce your global carbon footprint and have more control over food sources, growing your own mushrooms should be a priority.
Homemade mushrooms are rich in flavor and easy to use in a variety of recipes, adding a rich, earthy flavor to any dish, and growing them yourself is cheaper than buying them in the store.
Mushrooms, as a edible fungus, are rot organisms from the mushroom family (organisms that extract nutrients from decomposed plant and animal substances ).
It is estimated that there are 140,000 kinds of mushrooms in the world, although scientists have conducted a comprehensive study of less than 10% of them.
Mushrooms vary greatly in color, shape, texture and toxicity, but only a few varieties make up the majority of the human diet.
To the surprise of many, whether you're on a 20-acre farm or on a balcony in the city, mushrooms can easily grow in any environment.
As a result, the space occupied by logs is very small, and the maintenance workload is very small. some mushroom varieties can even be planted indoors!
Once you're a little familiar with some basic planting techniques, you'll be surprised that mushrooms are really so easy to grow.
The benefits of eating mushrooms are not as good as mushrooms. The whole-
The physical benefits they offer will help you get relief from high cholesterol and reduce your risk of developing breast, prostate and diabetes.
Because mushrooms are almost 90% of water, they are low in calories but are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antibiotics and antioxidants that help to lose weight and enhance the immune system.
Whether you marinate them into meat substitutes or use them to match your Asian fried dishes, mushrooms are a perfect addition to any meal.
If you are a mushroom fan and believe in the benefits of them, then it may be time for you to start exploring yourself growing mushrooms.
For beginners, there are many delicious mushroom varieties that are easy to grow.
Hopefully these three mushroom varieties will stir up your interest and allow you to begin your own fascinating journey of growing edible fungi.
White-cap mushrooms (.
Hortensis) cultivated white-cap mushrooms are close relatives of wild mushroom strains, and in hot and dry summer you may grow in the "fairy circle" in the yard.
The white cap mushrooms have a pleasant spicy smell and a slight nutty taste, which is very delicious.
In fact, they are the most popular varieties in the United States!
Follow these simple instructions and you can grow your own white cap mushrooms indoors or outdoors.
Outdoor growth: it is best to sow a white hat in the early spring.
Choose a damp, healthy lawn with plenty of rotten organic material.
Make sure there are no chemicals sprayed there as this will stop growth.
It is usually a good site around the compost pile.
Raise a piece of turf directly on the soil and sprinkle spores (available from online stores ).
You can add a layer of compost to it if you want.
Next, roll the turf back to the top and keep the area moist for months.
If all goes well, the delicious white hat should start to sprout before the end of summer!
• Indoor planting: the advantage of growing mushrooms indoors is that you can control the environment and better prevent the contamination of wild mushroom spores.
Wet and dark places are usually the best, so consider using abandoned huts or similar outbuildings.
At least 45 pounds of solid worms
Free compost is essential (horse manure works well ).
Spawn along the surface and mix it in the first two to 3 inch of the compost.
Cover the surface with a damp newspaper and keep it moist until after a few weeks it is covered with white fungus lines.
Take out the paper and keep the plot moist for a few months until the mushrooms sprout.
For more information on growing white button mushrooms, please see this link.
Mushrooms are popular in Asia. mushrooms are easy to grow and have unique meat quality when fried or baked.
Shiitakes do a very good job at the farmer's market and natural food stores because they are very easy to dry and will replenish water after cooking to form a rich flavor.
Whether you want to grow mushrooms for small businesses or for your own eating pleasure, they are the perfect mushrooms for growers who want to use mushroom logs for the first time.
Mushroom spawn needs to grow on hard wood, which is kept moist with good shade and wind proof.
Oak works best, mushroom logs should be cut down later in the winter to be placed two weeks before early spring inoculation.
The log should be in 3-
Diameter 8 inch, no more than 3-4 feet.
Be sure to choose the full log with bark as the gap creates openings for wild spores to enter and pollute the crop.
In order to vaccinate the logs, you need a high-speed drill bit to drill holes, 5/16 in diameter, 1 inch in depth and 6 inch in spacing.
Fill these holes with a mixture of sawdust and mushroom spores (which can be purchased from any online mushroom store) and quickly seal the mixture by covering the top with melted cheese wax.
After inoculation, mushroom logs take six months to a year before spores grow into threads throughout the logs
Just like a network called "spawn run.
During this period, the logs need to be stacked loosely in order to obtain good airflow while being free from the elements.
Maintain the log in 35-
45% moisture content.
It is also important to keep logs directly off the ground to prevent contamination of wild fungal strains.
When the spawn run is complete, fruit trees (edible mushrooms) start popping up every few days ).
You can harvest the hats when they are almost fully open.
Remember to check your logs frequently during this time, as mushrooms will quickly change from almost ready to over-mature in hot conditions.
Once harvested, shiitakes can be stored in a well-ventilated container for months.
Do not harvest mushrooms from your logs for the next few weeks, as the fungi in the logs need to rest 2-
To recover enough energy to prepare for the next result, 3 months.
When taken care of, mushroom logs can be 2-8 years.
For detailed instructions and pictures of the steps to vaccinate shiitakes, you can view this link.
Yes, your old coffee grounds may be useful for something!
Pearl oyster mushrooms (P.
Ostreatus) can be grown in suitable plastic containers filled with old sites.
You can buy oyster mushrooms online and then mix them in a two-gallon bucket full of coffee grounds.
(Not a coffee drinker?
Ask the local coffee shop for some of their coffee!
Since the ground has been steamed, there is no need for you to disinfect them.
Add the spores to the barrel and moisten with a spray bottle.
Next, mix the spores to the top of the coffee grounds and shoot them down.
After the spores are mixed with the ground, cover the bucket with plastic wrap and punch half a punch
There are more than a dozen holes in the package.
It is also a good idea to drill holes in a bucket of inches above the coffee grounds, so that the carbon dioxide formed during the growth phase has a place to escape.
Place the bucket in a warm, dark place and moisten it twice a day with a spray bottle.
In a few weeks you can see that food grows from a product that usually ends up being landfill!
Growing mushrooms is only half the fun;
The most important thing is to eat your results!
Because mushrooms contain a lot of moisture, it is easy to dry and can be stored for several months.
Cook with them and they can simply re-
Steam water for a few minutes.
Homemade mushrooms are a great addition to pasta sauce and stir-fried dishes.
You can get creative by doing breading and frying on them, or using their dry form as a homemade pizza topping.
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