The Exciting World of Lumberjack Sports - outdoor games for adults

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The Exciting World of Lumberjack Sports  -  outdoor games for adults
Although many people think it is not
Sports related to sports, Wood provide the same test of athletic ability as many mainstream sports.
A variety of competitions represent challenges in skills, strength, endurance, speed, and agility, which is hard to go beyond for any other race.
Unlike today's most popular sports such as baseball, basketball and football (whichever you like), the woodcutter sport is based on reality, for centuries, logging workers carry out practical tasks every day.
In this way, lumberjack competitions are similar to skiing, dog sledding, or many equestrian events.
Lumberjack sports is the most popular in Canada and the United States.
One of the oldest organized lumberjack competitions is the trademark Lumberjack World Championships held every summer at WI Haward.
The competition was held for the first time in 1960 and, like the sport itself, has become more and more popular since then. Twenty-
There was a different event where men and now women competed for the world record for everything from rolling wood to climbing poles.
Similar competitions were held elsewhere in North America.
Until recently, the most widely known among them was ESPN's wonderful outdoor competition, in which the Superjack event was only one of the non-
The main outdoor sports.
Unfortunately, ESPN decided to stop the campaign in 2006.
Mainstream sports enthusiasts may consider wood-related sports as non-wood Sports
Sports, maybe even stupid.
(In contrast, they feel like hitting and chasing a ball on the pitch, or trying to get a ball away from another team is not silly at all, or running up and down, bouncing and throwing the ball through the net.
) If a sport or sport is defined as a test of physical fitness or athletic ability, then the lumberjack program is certainly qualified to be a sport.
The winner must show strong strength, speed, agility and endurance.
In the single bucks race, a man will use a wood saw (cross-head hand saw) 20-
Pine logs inches thick.
The record set in 2006 was 10. 78 seconds.
In the seal below, competitors stand in two
Long wooden blocks at the foot, put a six-
A pound of axe between their feet cut the block in half.
The block runs through half from one side, the competitors reposition, and the rest goes through from the other side.
The records of this activity are kept for specific block sizes and types of wood.
For example, an 8-
The inch square of the white pine tree is 6.
25 seconds, scheduled for 1990.
One of the most interesting activities is the springboard chop.
Competitors have to climb 9-
Use only the poles of the axe and a set of Springboard.
Each springboard is a hard board about 5 feet long, about 8 inch wide and about 2 inch thick.
These springboards are set in the cut-up gaps on the pillars so that the logging workers can stand on a springboard and cut the other one higher.
When he got to the top, he had to go through the pole with an axe.
Other climbing activities include climbing trees and climbing trees.
For anyone who is afraid of heights, just watch the game and your heartbeat will stop.
These are timed events, starting from the foot of the climber leaving the ground, to the end of the return to the ground.
Record speed of 24.
82 seconds were set at 100 on 1989-foot climb.
In the same game, the woodcutter who created the record also set a record of 58 times.
The top of the tree at 100 is 95 seconds-foot height.
In the wood sport, beating birds or rolling wood is perhaps the most exciting.
It requires amazing balance and agility.
Of course, like all other projects, it does not start at all as a sport, but as a practical day-to-day skill.
When logs drift along the river to the sawmill, they are sometimes "stuck", which makes it necessary for someone to go out on the floating logs and let them move again.
In modern sports, two competitors, or "excavators", stand at both ends of the floating log.
They don't touch each other, they don't use the balance device, they not only try to stay on the log, but they also cause the other party to lose balance.
Beginners are proud to be able to stay on the log for a few seconds.
In contrast, Guinness World Records show that in 1956, two players spent more than two hours on a 13-diameter log.
Not so good though.
Known as football, baseball or basketball, Wood Sports provides an exciting display of athletic abilities.
Not only that, the skills, strength, speed, endurance and agility shown remind us that these programs are not just the creation of idle athletes, but reflect the hard work of ordinary logging workers in the past.
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