the bubble ball Ideas for Making a Bee Hive for a School Project

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-22

Make a hive at home and make the classroom lively.It's interesting to make the hive, there are many different ways to make it.They can be a simple art project for young children, or a real work hive for older children.Creative and have a good time, this project will definitely cause a sensation.By making a hive with pottery jars and a base, you not only have a hive that looks great, but also a jar that holds treasures.Start with the flying saucer at the bottom.This will be the lid of the hive.Start at the outside bottom of the tea tray and spiral around the entire tea tray with a hot glue cord until you reach the top edge.Now, add the rope to the bottom of the tea tray, which is also spiral.Temporarily put on hold.To make the handle of the lid, spray a 1 inch wooden ball in gold and glue it with heat to the top center of the bottom tea tray.Next, wrap the hot rubber rope around the outside of the entire pottery jar with the same spiral as your sticky tea tray.Paint the whole pot and tea tray in yellow or gold if needed.Draw an opening to the hive with black paint at the bottom of the casserole, half a circle.Place the pot on the right and place the tea tray on the top of the pot as a cover.There are many ways to build a really usable hive.For a plan to help you build your hive, see resources.There are many shapes and styles to choose from, including plans for beginners to direct carpentry.Having a real hive is a great school project, but can also help build a private garden by helping with pollination.With its own hive, it will also serve your own honey.Please be sure to read the instructions and details carefully and get help if necessary.Honeycomb puppets are fun and easy to make for young children.Start with white or yellow card paper and cut into honeycomb shape.Decorate your hive with foam wrap.Cut the bubble wrap into a honeycomb shape and stick to the card.Paint the honeycomb yellow and black on the bottom.Or, using a honeycombBrand the grain and stick it on the card.To make puppets, stick a large craft on the back.The size needed to top the balloon to the hive.Tear the newspaper into a strip about 1 inch wide.Prepare the glue mixture by mixing the glue of 1/4 cup Elmer with 1/2 glass of water.Soak the newspaper for a few minutes with a glue mixture.When you use each, remove the excess glue by sliding between two fingers.Make sure there are no holes by overlapping the balloon, laying each strap around the balloon.Cover the entire balloon on the first floor and let it dry overnight.Repeat the same process for the second layer.Put the balloon in and release the air.Use paper towels, cut into 2 inch pieces, tape around the hive starting from the bottom, and then continue to overlap the hive of tissue up.Add candy to pinata.
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