the bubble ball How to Apply a Vinyl Sticker on a Curved Surface

by:JOY Inflatable     2020-04-22

Vinyl decals and stickers for custom skating and snowboard helmets.The helmet is just the beginning when using the sticker;Use them on bicycles, boards and windshields to prove support for your favorite brand or statement.Applying stickers is a simple process that requires little practice to perfect.Still, you may want to practice it once or twice on the practice surface to make sure you apply the sticker smoothly without any creases or folds.Clean the surface where you will place the sticker.Dust causes the sticker to lift up and lose surface contact.Wipe the surface with a wet towel to make it completely dry.Remove the back of the sticker.Two sheets of wax paper-like backings.The lighter-The back is a colored side.If you put a decal with words on it, the letters should be backwards.Try not to touch the invisible transfer tape--It will lose its stickiness.Stick the sticker on the surface in a left-to-right way to make sure there are no bubbles or wrinkles.Rub the sticker smoothly on the surface using a credit card.The hard side of the credit card will eliminate any bubbles or wrinkles you don't know.Remove the white face from the decal.Start or go left and pull it right in a smooth motion.Check decals on smooth surfaces without bubbles.Use the tool knife to stab the small hole into any bubble and use the credit card to remove the air by pressing down the center where the small hole is located from the outside of the bubble.
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